Excavator hits gas main in Kendall Square, buildings evacuated, roads shut, Red Line halted

Everybody off the street!Move it!

Happened around 11:10 a.m. at 5 Cambridge Center, AlertNewEngland reports.

Robert Love, who took the photo, reports:

Leak so big, it sounded like a fire hose.

UPDATES: NStar got the gas turned off around 11:40 a.m. Robert Love reported at 12:40 that the streets were re-opened and that people were being let back into their offices - except 3-5 Cambridge Center.

The excavator that caused the commotion. Photo by Robert Love.The excavator that caused the commotion. Photo by Robert Love.



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Finding pipes with magic?

Just minutes ago, as I was driving on Summer St. in Arlington, an NSTAR guy was marking the street, and it appeared that he was holding a dowsing rod. I sincerely hope the bent wire he was holding was something else.

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It's true!

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I used to work for National Grid, and I can tell you that the old gas guys actually do this. In my opinion, it's a way to justify their "gut feel" for where the pipe is in relation to their maps. In reality, it's certainly bogus. As a side note, many gas pipes have an energized locator tape that will help find the main with a detector similar to electric lines. But I certainly don't think a dowsing rod would be effective in finding that!

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This guy could have had a very bad day.

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