Countdown clocks installed at Charles/MGH

No, they won't be counting down to the rockin' New Year tonight, but will tell you how long until the next Red Line train. The T reports they blinked into existence today.



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Couple reasons

I'd say that there's a savings in first responder costs due to providing a safe alternative to driving after what is traditionally a night for heavy drinking. This may not cover the whole cost of lost fares, but that brings us to our second point:

It's also a good time to showcase your system to those who don't usually use it.

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Also there's the oft

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Also there's the oft-overlooked fact that the point of the MBTA is not to make money, but to facilitate the efficient movement of people. If all those tourists had to struggle to figure out how to use a charlieticket on NYE, it would take until February to get everyone home.

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Mid-day on NYE, I saw plenty

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Mid-day on NYE, I saw plenty of T newcomers struggling to buy tickets at Alewife. The customer service agent was busy chatting with the employees of the snack bar.

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