Courthouse vigil for Aaron Swartz


3 PM Friday - In Front of a Government Building?

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I thought these Anonymous People were supposed to be smart? Friday afternoon in front of a government building after a 4 day work week in 10 degree weather? Ha Ha.

They should do it across the street at the Barking Crab or at the Whiskey Priest. It might reach a tad more of the people involved.

By the way did anyone notice the dog and pony Geneva / Bowdoin busts last week to deflect media attention away from this pooh show? Classic rodeo clowning from the Federales.

You're right. They took down

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You're right. They took down 30 gangsters off of a wiretap case just to deflect attention from some kid killing himself. I don't see this much outrage from all the liberals on this site for these same kids getting ten years for drug offenses. Only hipsters get outraged Uhub message boards and useless Friday afternoon sub thermal protests.

Epic Fail

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Epic Fail

US Atty Carmen Ortiz trying to take a family-owned business

This is the case of the federal prosecutor trying to take a family-owned business, a motel, because customers of the motel took drugs, and in one incident, operated a meth lab.

What's the problem with that? The family owned business wasn't doing drugs or running a meth lab.

The town would have received part of the proceeds and the feds would have received the rest.

...more about Carmen in the Swartz case.