CVS bomb threatener resurfaces, threatens to explode another drug store

Brian D'Amico reports somebody called in a bomb threat this evening to the CVS at 874 Harrison Ave., similar to a series of bomb threats made against CVSes last month.




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    Being in a CVS makes me want

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    Being in a CVS makes me want to commit suicide, not acts of terror or murder. But everyone is different, I guess.

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    The bombers were after the

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    The bombers were after the train too, Hoax device found on Brockton bridge

    Police say a device found in the middle of the roadway on the Howard Street Bridge Friday morning was a hoax.
    Sgt. Tracy Harrington said a passerby called police at 8 a.m. to report something in thje road that looked like a bomb.
    Police temporarily shut down the Howard Street bridge, which crosses the MBTA train tracks between North Montello and Spark streets on the city’s north side, while authorities investigated. The MBTA also was halted for about 10 minutes, Harrington said.
    Police said the device was a small pipe about the size of a flashlight, with two D batteries taped to the side. Police Capt. Leon McCabe arrived on scene and determined the pipe was empty and removed it from the bridge, Harrington said.

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    Another Call

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    They called the CVS in Bridgewater MA as well. Twice. I work in the front store and answered the phone the first time. They shut down the store for a little while while the police tracked the number and called them back. About 20 minutes after the store re-opened there was a call from the same person. This was around 5:45. My shift was over at 6 but it was still terrifying.

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