DA: Codman Square bleach attacker was packing bleach in a soda bottle - and had a knife

Two teens were arraigned today on charges related to a melee last week that started on a 23 bus and ended with a brawl outside Dorchester District Court.

A 16-year-old teen from Roxbury, not named because of her age, was ordered held in lieu of $2,500 bail on three counts of three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Investigators viewed surveillance footage from the bus, which showed the female assailant raise a steak knife and then open a Pepsi bottle containing a clear liquid as she exited the bus, according to prosecutors.

Also charged, with a single count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, was Jamahl Galloway, 19, of Dorchester, whose bail was set at $500. According to the DA's office:

The footage also depicts a physical altercation between Galloway and one victim outside the bus in which Galloway was knocked to the ground. The younger teen attempted to hand Galloway the soda bottle containing bleach, but he instead grabbed the knife from her and used it to stab the victim in the head

Washington Street in Codman Square was shut as police tried to break up the fighting, which began aboard a 23 bus around 4 p.m.

The bus operator told police that he heard an unknown person on the bus shout, “There’s a knife, there’s a knife,” prompting him to stop the bus and open the front and rear doors to allow passengers to exit. The driver witnessed passengers fighting as they exited the bus.

During the altercation outside the bus, one victim was stabbed in the head and suffered a 1-inch laceration. That victim, a second victim, and Galloway were all splashed with bleach that the female assailant allegedly threw from a soda bottle, prosecutors said. Galloway was treated by Boston EMS before fleeing the scene. The two victims were transported to area hospitals.

Police recovered the knife, bleach stained clothing, and a Pepsi bottle containing bleach residue from the scene.

The DA's office adds Facebook helped police ID the younger teen:

Images posted to the teen’s Facebook page earlier on the day the attack show her wearing the same pants, boots, and ring that she is seen wearing in surveillance video taken from the bus. Photos posted to the site over the summer depict the teen wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, allowing investigators to confirm through records that the defendant was assigned to wear such a device during that time period, prosecutors said. Moreover, in a Facebook post written after the assault, the teen allegedly acknowledged that the incident had occurred.

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just sigh... (to quote AdamG)

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"Photos posted to the site over the summer depict the teen wearing a GPS ankle bracelet"

Nice young lady. Throwing bleach will help ensure she has a "Bright" future.

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Can someone explain why wearing a GPS device is a fashion statement and why these bleach babes attack on T buses? Why doesn't the T order its police to ride busses on dangerous routes.

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Re: Dangerous routes?

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Why wouldn't they just put police on all buses in that case? If you're allocating police resources, you do it based on need. How many attacks on drivers have there been on a particular route? If the percentage reaches a certain threshold, then yes, it is a dangerous route. Now, if you're designating that route as "dangerous" based on the neighborhood it travels or on the color of the people who live along that route, you're not allocating your resources properly. Calling a route or an area dangerous because you personally are afraid of the people who live in that neighborhood for illogical reasons, you wouldn't be doing your job. Using your logic, there would be a police officer on every corner of Dorchester.

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You're making a lot of assumptions there.

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What in Anon's post makes you conclude that he or she is irrationally prejudiced against a certain bus route? Your suggestion of officers on every route makes no sense whatsoever--not all routes have the same level of crime occurring on them but yes--obviously the same handful of routes some up again and again and it'd be an easy thing to measure and act accordingly so that you have more police presence on the 23 or the 28 than you do on the 55.

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Re: Not suggesting officers on every route.

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I'm not suggesting officers on every route. In fact, I speak specifically about allocation of police according to need (frequency of crime). And, yes. I'm making an assumption because more often than not, Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan are deemed as "dangerous" not based on stats, but on the people who live there. Am I denying there is crime in those areas? No. But, those neighborhoods are geographically large and the crime occurs in the same pockets over and over. If these huge swaths of Boston were "dangerous", if would be impossible for people to live, work and go to school there.

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I think we all understand that.

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And I still say that you completely jumped the gun. No one is going to assign cops willy-nilly on buses because there are more black people travel that route. No jumpy suburbanites with preconceived notions about unsafe neighborhoods give a crap about the buses but most of us who ride buses frequently know the hotspots where some extra policing could come in handy to protect the folks who operate and ride on the buses.

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Am I really reading this

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Am I really reading this right....Assault & Battery with a dangerous weapon (x3) while wearing a GPS ankle device only equates to $2500 bail?! Stan someone in the head with a knife means you're free to roam the streets for only $500?!!!

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Hate crime

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The Herald is reporting this as a hate crime against gays who armed themselves with bleach and knives to protect themselves against gay bashers. So yes the T should consider putting their officers on buses that's why they are called the Transit Police

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