DA: South Boston man with nine OUI convictions arrested for OUI again after plowing into car

After plowing into a car in Chinatown Saturday evening, Timothy Davidson sped off on the Expressway, stopped at a South End gas station, then, when police approached, fell out of his rented box truck, cracked his head on the pavement and fell asleep, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Davidson, whose OUI convictions date back to 1980, was then placed under arrest on charges of operating under the influence of alcohol as a fifth or subsequent offense, operating after suspension, and leaving the scene of an accident causing property damage. He won't have the chance to try for an eleven-peat for at least the next couple of days - Boston Municipal Court Judge Tracy-Lee Lyons agreed with prosecutors to hold him without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on Friday.

According to the DA's office, Davidson, 51, hit a Lincoln Navigator around 7 p.m. at Surface Road and Lincoln Street. He disengaged his truck, then got onto 93 South - with the Navigator driver in pursuit - but pulled off and drove into a Mobil station at East Berkeley Street, the DA's office reports:

When a responding Boston Police officer told Davidson to step out of the truck, he shouted that he didn’t have a shoe on and retrieved an orthopedic walking boot from the passenger’s seat. Inside the boot, prosecutors said, the officer discovered a half empty bottle of chocolate whipped crème flavored vodka. Both the officer and the victim noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from the truck’s cabin, prosecutors said.

Davidson fell as he stepped out of the truck, striking his head on the pavement. As he sat on the sidewalk, he repeatedly fell asleep and woke not knowing where he was, prosecutors said.

The DA's office says Davidson remained alert long enough to refuse to take either a breath test or a field sobriety test. It adds his most recent conviction was in 2007, when he got 2 1/2 years in state prison for driving drunk in Dorchester. He's also been convicted in Brockton, Brookline, East Boston, Clinton and Hingham.

Innocent, etc.



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    Don't get carried away

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    It's not like he broke an academic journal paywall or something.

    So the government is out to

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    So the government is out to ban and confiscate guns for killing people -but we can't have the same 'discussion' about cars?

    A drunk driving conviction should result in the state seizing a person's car, or whatever car was leased, lent with premission, etc by the convicted operator. Other countries have done this, and unlike the whole gun thing, there actually is strong statistical evidence that car seizures curtail drunk driving. No one wants to take the risk their expensive car.

    You know were are supposed to

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    You know were are supposed to be judged by juries of our peers. Is it too much to ask that we be governed by our peers as well?

    Lawyers, legislators and laws

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    I can't remember the statistic, but I was surprised at how many legislators are not lawyers, considering that they are supposed to write laws. Some people think this is a good thing - I used to until an experience I had.

    I was up on Beacon Hill a few years ago to talk with some legislators about a law they were contemplating and its potential ramifications. I waited a long time to see the legislators. After that long time, some 22 year old walked in, sat down, and started telling us about the what the law said and what it was intended to do.

    I (politely) interrupted him and told him that whatever the intent might have been, the text of the draft legislation, as written, did not come close to accomplishing it. In fact, it actually went a good way toward doing the opposite, particularly when viewed in concert with some existing precedent from the SJC.

    He responded by telling me "well, the legislation is intended to do what I said earlier." I responded by respectfully (and seriously) asking how he could be sure of that. He responded by telling me "because I wrote it, and that's what I meant".

    I said, out loud, "you've got to be shitting me." After some more ring around the three-ring-circus, I found out that he wasn't.

    Just in case you are wondering, this was not legislation that was kicking around in some committee. It was being brought to the floor for a vote that day.

    There is really strong

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    There is really strong statistical evidence that people who do not have guns do not shoot other people. There isn't a single reported case of someone being shot by somone who didn't have a gun.

    You forgot "legally" in that

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    You forgot "legally" in that statement. Laws aren't the problem enforcement of the law is.

    The issue with drunk driving is the same. Drunks, just like gun totting gangsters, don't care about the laws and don't face enough social condemnation and consequences to stop being assholes.

    Wayne LaPierre would like you to know...

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    The reason this guy was still out there to commit his 10th OUI is that the only answer to a bad guy in a car is a good guy in a car.

    If we sell more cars to more Americans, then this never would have happened.

    If you analogy included more

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    If you analogy included more COPS in squadCARS then it would make sense in the context.

    My guess is that

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    the previous convincting judges are alcoholics themselves, so they don't consider OUI a very serious crime.