DA: Yen for really fresh clams proves latest undoing for guy who can't seem to give up guns and ammo

LindseyA man charged with bringing live ammunition into Suffolk Superior Court in Boston was released on bail Friday morning and then arrested on Revere Beach Friday night with a loaded gun, extra ammo and enough knives to outfit a violent basketball team, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Jack Lindsey, 66, of Chelsea, was arrested by a state trooper who had stopped to see what he was doing by an area of the beach known for its illegal clamming, the DA's office reports, adding Lindsey was also found with a shovel.

This was the fourth time Lindsey has been arrested for illegal weapons possession; he's barred from owning guns as a condition of his conviction for illegal gun possession in 2001, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Lindsey showed up for surrender meeting with his probation officer at Suffolk Superior Court on Feb. 20 with "a magazine loaded with eight rounds of .45 caliber ammunition" - in the pocket of his jacket, which went through the metal detector, which promptly sounded an alarm.

When officials at the courthouse questioned him, Lindsey allegedly assaulted the two court officers and attempted to flee. He was apprehended after a struggle with court officers and a Boston Police homicide detective who was present at the scene.

Prosecutors asked Judge Raymond Dougan to set bail of $100,000, order Lindsey to stay away from all courts except when he had official business and to order him to wear a GPS device. Dougan set no bail and declined to set any other conditions on his release, but did agree to hold him on the probation matter, the DA's office says.

On Friday, another judge released him on $10,000 bail on the probation matter. He was arrested around 9:20 p.m.:

For his own safety in light of Lindsey’s behavior and prior gun convictions, the trooper conducted a pat-frisk and found a large, double-edged knife in Lindsey’s waistband. Lindsey allegedly admitted to possessing a smaller folding knife in his jacket pocket. He refused to say if he had any other weapons in his Jeep, but he allegedly told the trooper he’d been released from jail that same day in relation to a firearm case.

An inventory of Lindsey's vehicle led to the discovery of a AMT .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun with eight rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. Troopers also recovered an empty magazine, a box containing approximately 33 rounds of ammunition, two translucent plastic ammunition containers, five more knives, and a metal detector, prosecutors said.

In Chelsea District Court today, prosecutors asked for $350,000 bail. Judge Paul Yee set bail at $25,000.

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They may want to check there wasn't anything besides clams in the hole...


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If you've ever run into a bad clam,you know they're dangerous and can put a hurtin' on ya.

what the hell is with our judges?

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Why do these people who are obvious threats to society keep getting thrown back out on the street?

The guy violated his bail and probation. PUT HIM IN JAIL.

Seriously, what do you have to do in this state to be removed from the streets?

this is what is meant when

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this is what is meant when people talk about enforcing our gun laws. this guy never should have been released after the first event