Dead train at Government Center brings Green Line to a halt

"Government Center is absolutely crammed with waiting passengers," A.P. Blake reports.



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It didn't stop there, Adam!

There was the original disabled train right in front of mine at Government Center. They couldn't get it moving for a full 20 minutes (8:10 to 8:30, roughly), at least. They started looping trains at Park St as the entire line was getting blocked up. Once the train cleared out, it was an entire sea of people waiting on the platform as we pulled into Government Center.

As we reached Arlington or so, on the radio we could hear the train which was behind us went disabled between Government Center and Park St.

In addition, as we got to Symphony, we came to a halt for a third disabled train. This one was capable of moving, however. But it still crawled no more than 5MPH down Huntington Ave. We also had to hold at Longwood while the disabled train waited to be able to crossover at Brigham Circle.

While waiting, I overheard on the radio of a possible fourth disabled train, with smoking brakes. I'm not sure where it was. But I got an alert for a disabled train on the B Line at 9:07.

And I almost boarded an Orange Line train at North Station to Jackson Sq... almost... Oh well.

Goons vs Goons

People are kind of missing the point.

The T is run by a bunch of goons that are just killing time til their retirement kicks in (do they still get 80% for 20 years of "service"?), and the riders are a bunch of goons who practice subtle bullying from the moment they board.

So the ones who run it and the ones who ride it are goons, and whatever happens they deserve it.