Decrepit, wobbly old building on Boylston Street has a bit of a fire

Brian D'Amico reports Boston firefighters responded to 400 Boylston St. around 2 p.m. for what turned out to be a small fire inside a boarded-up area in the rear of the mostly boarded up, windows-smashed in hulk of a once glamorous building that now houses part of the Tannery and which is prominently marked with a red-and-white X to let firefighters know that if the thing ever does go up in flames, they're to stay out and try to keep surrounding buildings from catching fire, phew.



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That building used to be full

That building used to be full of upper floor retail tenants until a fire in the late 70s/early 80s trashed it. How the owner was allowed to and why would they would leave such a nice building in a prime location an empty husk for so long is beyond me.


This one

Coincidentally took a shot of this building a couple of years back for a fire chief, you can see the "X" marking in the lower right.



Owned by the guy who owns the Tannery...

In previous election years, the window on the first floor always had a large Menino for Mayor sign. Explains why this property has been condemned so many times but nothing really happens. Wonder what happens under the new Regime.

The back of the building was gone for a long time. When the Rattlesnake was doing some reconstruction, they had to stop until the back was rebuilt so it didn't collapse. I think that was around the time the Tannery guy bought the Rattlesnake building but I could be wrong.

He does own it now. Word is he wants to buy the Nena's building so a new big building can go un. But Nena's owner won't sell. Not surprised since the Tannery guy is a dick.