Digging for answers

Digging up DeSalvoPhoto by BPD.

Boston Police detectives traveled up to Peabody today to dig up the remains of Albert DeSalvo so that they could be transported down to a state crime lab in JP, where technicians will extract tissue samples and compare the DNA they find to DNA found on the body and blanket of Mary Sullivan, the last Boston Strangler victim.



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      What a huge waste

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      Of time and resources so Dan Conley can get more press coverage.

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      DeSalvo had confessed to the murder years ago.

      And DeSalvo was sent to prision and is now dead!

      No need to pursue this matter any further.

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      And can anyone tell me why once his body was dug up, that a six vehicle caravan, with blue lights flashing and sirens screaming had to race from Peabody to the crime lab on Albany street, making rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon in the O'Neill tunnel that much worse????? Seriously, the guy is already dead. It's not like they were rushing a critically ill person to an emergency room. No, it's just all for show and a publicity stunt for Conley.

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      Sorry and I don't mean to be

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      Sorry and I don't mean to be insensative but stop the violence today! Solve the homicides that are current.
      A waste of time and resources.

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      Kathode: I didn't see your

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      Kathode: I didn't see your post but we had the same thought. Didn't realize that the DA was running for office.
      I can't believe that the police followed the nephew for days and the DA defends them. Boston has so much crime.....and this guy is doing this for publicity? Did our state treasurer get into trouble for doing something similarity stupid. Shame on DA Connolly.

      Pissed of in Bean town Sid

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      Why is it inconceivable that BPD has different divisions? Do you clean the bathrooms at your office?

      Yes, there is a cold case squad. Please tell me this: for how long should homicide work a case? Until the next one comes in? 6 months? one year? three years? What is "current?"

      Is it your impression that BPD doesn't care about current murders simply because Dan Conley is running for mayor? So did they care before he made the decision? Or did the stop caring about recent homicides when the created a cold case squad?

      This may well be a waste of time and resources, but that is not because the case is not current.

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      Could it be any more obvious?

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      Photo Opp... Man in suit digs hole....
      So those that don't know him will ask.... Who's that guy? and hopefully remember his name come voting time.

      Waste of resources? for sure. Photo Opp? For sure.

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