Dorchester burglary nets four guns, $15,000 worth of jewelry

Boston Police report a thief or thieves broke into 10 Mather St. sometime Sunday afternoon:

The male victim stated he left his residence and when he returned he noticed the rear door was wide open with the storm door closed. The victim further observed his front door breached. and door's frame damaged.

Officers observed footprints in the snow that led out the front door towards the driveway.

The victim stated a 3 finger lock safe, located in an upstairs bedroom which contained 3 firearms; a Sig 380, Smith & Wesson .38, and a Ruger Special .32 was stolen. A fourth, LLAMA. 32 cal firearm, which was located in a downstairs closet safe, was also reported taken along with $15,000. worth of jewelry, and a flat screen TV. Officers confirmed a license to carry.



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    So then, by that logic,

    So then, by that logic, should car owners be civilly liable if their vehicle gets stolen? What if the thief takes out a pedestrian while trying to quickly flee with the stolen vehicle? Is the owner negligent for not having a more robust security system on the car?



    This gun owner jumped through the hoops to get a license and stored his guns in a manner above what the law requires. He is the victim of criminals who BROKE INTO HIS HOUSE AND STOLE HIS PROPERTY.

    Should a car owner be held liable if their car is stolen from a locked garage and then used to run down a pedestrian? Of course not.

    Don't beat around the bush with this civil liability crap. Just stake your claim that you want personal gun ownership banned. Your proposal of civil liability over stolen property is just a back door way to that goal. Make ownership so onerous and legally treacherous that no one will take the risk to own firearms.

    Guns are bad mmmkay


    What a ridiculous comment.

    Why would the owner be responsible if he had the guns locked up? Shouldn't the actual criminal who broke in and stole the guns be liable? That's why they are called criminals. Is the man also liable his tv was stolen and his jewelery? You should be held liable for writing an uneducated irrational comment. Please think next time before your try and write a comment.



    I'm all for that, as long as we also hold bleeding-heart judges and lawyers accountable for the post-release criminal acts of all the thugs they released or helped release. A gun you buy might get stolen and be used to kill someone, a thug you release might kill someone - same thing, right?