Dorchester's State of Grace

All proceeds from the sales of the music go to the Richard family. The Dorchester Reporter has the background on the video.



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    I don't know.

    The message is positive, and I applaud him for giving the proceeds to the family. It's easy to see how this could come across as gimmicky and capitolizing one of the more tragic events to happen in this city though. Not trying to be negative, but it's easy to see how people could take this song the totally wrong way. It comes with the territory though when you do songs like this, Macklemore caught a lot of flak for that "gay rights song" he did. So don't be surprised if Natural might as well.

    Once again, no negative feedback just making a observation. If his heart is in the right place (which i hope it is), I salute him for the effort.

    - J.A III