Dot Rat takes Sunday drive through Southie, Yuppie hate ensues

A nice local Dorchester woman reports on her Sunday afternoon drive through Southie:

Driving by the L Street bathhouse I spied a yuppie waiting for the light... So I drove through a puddle and splashed the hell out of her.

Erin deleted her original post, here's a screencap:

For those without a Facebook account.

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I'd rather be...

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I'd rather be a yuppie living in South Boston and getting splashed at intersections than have to live in the cess pool that is Dorchester. So the joke is really on Erin Kelly.

She does this without fear because

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Unlike her, the people she splashes are actually civilized and able to make it in a larger world that she's unfit to be involved with.

So potty mouth away, dearie - just don't whine when you can't pay your mortgage because people fit for the world of humans are able to do that job you aren't qualified for because you are too stupid and vile.

You do realize ...

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Dear Miss Erin, who seems to have no regrets for soaking a stranger that she perceived to be of a hateable class, has a masters degree in art history.

I don't really care, I never

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I don't really care, I never bothered to investigate her facebook page beyond that screen-grab. But let's please keep talking about people who can't pay their mortgages and aren't fit for the civilized world or whatever other unrelated hoo-ah we can come up with.

The cesspool of Dorchester

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Take a look at parts of Ashmont Street (between Adams Street and Dorchester Ave), Adams Village and Cedar Grove and tell me what a cesspool it is.

Cesspool that is Dorchester?

Are you referring to UMass-Boston? The JFK Library? The Boston Globe? Pope John Paul II Park? The Neponset River Greenway? The Baker chocolate mills? The First Parish on Meetinghouse Hill?

Good. You have her info, go

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Good. You have her info, go speak with her in person to express your displeasure. Don't post her fbook and try to get Internet vigilantes to ruin her week or life. She's probably a jerk, so you don't have to hang out with her if you don't want to.

Pretty nasty of her.

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She goes on to say that the problems in Southie are really not the yuppies' fault, but related to drug addiction. So maybe she will splash some drug addicts with her car. How can you tell what they look like??

Subsequent post states, "The real reason Southie is fading away?


It's fine and well to hate the yuppies, but at the root of this WE have let our generation fall apart... and in doing so we made room for new people to come in and take over our neighborhood.

Time to stop glorifying those that brought this to us. Time to accept the blame and move ON.

Be above that, we are better than this and deserve more!"

Can't blame mom and dad!

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1940s Grandparents buy home
1960s Grandparents give home to Parents in exchange for living in lower floor unit until they die
1990s Parents sell home for big bucks and retire to Florida

Damn Yuppies!

Copyright infringement?

Looks like some of her stuff depicts copyrighted or trademarked images (Boots from Dora, local sports team logos, Hello Kitty). Wonder about the ethics and legality of that.

L Street bathouse

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wasnt a gentleman killed on this stretch of road a week or so ago? maybe little snotty nosed erin should keep this in mind next time she uses her car like it's a toy.

full disclosure.
we used to wait for a large group of BC students to gather at a bus stop that was across from st ignatius. once there were enough of them we drove by and soaked everyone.friday and saturday nights were good because everyone was dressed to go into boston. the difference here is that i was a teenager and we were SURE they were BC students. they eventually moved the bus stop. oh the guilt.

The only thing we can be SURE

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The only thing we can be SURE of is that you're someone I'm glad I'll never have to deal with in real life.

bostnkid in real life

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how do you know you havent dealt with me? most of my stories are from many years ago. i was a pretty wild kid growing up in boston. i dont splash people with puddles anymore, i get the urge occasionally but i just feel too old to enjoy it.

No hope

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I guess I was naive, but until I read this I had no idea there were so many angry people out there driving around intentionally splashing people, be they yuppies, BC students or any other annoying types. What a way to treat one's fellow human beings. There really is no hope left for humanity.


Makes me wonder which hated class I managed to fall into when two different passing drivers (including a freaking snowplow) splashed me while I was waiting for the bus in the snowstorm last Friday morning.

I will go out on a limb

and guess that you didn't qualify for one of those Allston/Brighton only scholarships that BC sets aside. The real a-holes from BC that might have deserved your scorn were driving BMW's. Instead, you soaked some poor shlubs getting on a bus. Nice.


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i graduated from bc on one of those scholarships. lol.

Ouch, you are really hurting

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Ouch, you are really hurting my feelings calling me out like this on your litte page.

At least I post using my REAL name. You have something to say about who I am? Come at me like a grownup.

Really, get a life.

Hey Erin! I would post under

Hey Erin! I would post under my real name, but people like you have no problem killing old ladies for fishing rods (RIP Barbara Coyne*), so I can only imagine what you'd do to a yuppy who disagrees with your childish behavior.

How's Dorchester treating you by the way? Maybe me or one of my friends owns the nieghborhood you used to live in. Living in Southie is nice, reaaal nice :-)


people like you?

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How does one compare murder to splashing puddle water? drugs do plague southie have for many years many died or have committed horrible crimes because of them. You can not compare these 2 very different situations.

"South Boston Yuppy" and Erin

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"South Boston Yuppy" and Erin Kelly are equally offensive. Just other sides of the fence. No one "owns the neighborhood", you own your condo, you belong to a neighborhood. Maybe it's hard for people to accept, but if you own a house/condo in Southie, your neighbors can either be OFS or Yuppies and you're in this together!

Hey, here's an idea, why don't you say hi to each other when you pass in the street and then we can all act like civilized neighbors who give a shit about each other? I've tried it, it's not hard and it works!

One more thing, my friends who are OFS, frequently get called Yuppies. So, no, Erin Kelly, you can't always tell.

Wow, I was kind of on the

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Wow, I was kind of on the yuppies side of til I the bit about your friends owning neighborhoods. Pretty tasteless.


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You should consider that this is not a little blog.

You should consider that potential customers for your services and potential employers may be reading this, or easily find it on a name search.

You are only feeding the public perception that you don't have very good impulse control.


Anyone who takes out their frustrations on innocent people at the side of the road - and then boasts about it - knows shit about adulthood. Get back to us anonymous posters when you've left the fourth grade Mean Girls Club behind.

How do you know that the

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How do you know that the young lady who you did this to is a "yuppie"? I have lived in South Boston my entire life, and brought up three smart, motivated, educated, professional young men and women who are often confused as "yuppies", even though they have lived in South Boston their whole lives. Don't judge somebody by appearance.

Young, urban and professional are

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Young, urban and professional people. Many who live in Southie. They are Yuppies when they have no respect for anyone,do not give back to their community, have no friends except for those they went to college with, do not shovel their sidewalks/parking spaces, do not pick up their dog shit, do not give up their bus seat for the elderly, blind or handicapped, make "u" turns on L Street, can not go a weekend without being drunk and obnoxious etc. etc. etc.

So the term 'yuppie' is just

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So the term 'yuppie' is just a convenient dumping ground for any negative qualities the name-caller feels like at the time?

Really, is that the

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Really, is that the definition?
Because anyone "from" Southie would classify me as a Yuppy. To your points:

  • I respect everyone until they give me a reason not to.
  • I have friends that I went to college with, that's true. But I also have friends that were born and raised in Southie, that I met living here, good friends that I really respect.
  • Not only do I sweep and shovel my own sidewalk, but I also go so far as to sweep/shovel the sidewalk of the houses on both sides of me if my neighbors haven't made it outside yet. And you know what? During Nemo, I was away and couldn't shovel, but when I got home my OFS neighbor did mine for ME! Wow!!! Neigbors being neighborly! Amazing stuff.
  • I don't have a dog, so I'm off the hook there.
  • I'd give up my bus seat to all those people you mention, plus pregnant women and mothers toting small children, or really anyone that looks like they need it.
  • I can certainly go a week without being drunk and obnoxious, even more than a week. I think there you are confusing all yuppies with 22 year olds. 22 years old I am not. And 22 year olds for the most part don't own condos, they rent. So talk to your neighbors who are renting to these obnoxious kids. Yuppys like quiet time too!

I, I, I, Me, Me, I, Me, Me

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What do you want? The Yuppie of the Year Award? All the above is expected from a decent human being.

How do you know?

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How do you know that the person you splashed was a "yuppie"? I have lived in South Boston my entire life, as did my parents and grandparents before me. I am proud to say that my children are motivated, well-educated young professionals who are often mistaken for "yuppies" even in the neighborhood that they grew up in and still live. Don't judge people on a brief glimpse of their appearance, they may very well be long-time residents who love their community and respect their neighbors.

Seriously this is probably

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Seriously this is probably the most inane thing I'll read about this week. People splashing each other, society is crumbling!

I agree (and I wrote the

I agree (and I wrote the post). My point wasn't that this the most news worthy, thought provoking event to occur in Boston over the weekend.

Rather, I wrote this to expose a person who not only went out of her way to splash a stranger on the side of the road (because she looked young and smart), but then went on to boast about it publicly.

Is this Boston Globe worthy? Obviously not. But this is Citizen Journalism at it's finest; I'm just a guy living in Boston who doesn't want his wife to get soaked by some random person (like Erin Kelly) on the way home from the bus. There was no bashing intended here; I love Southie, Dorchester and all the people who live here. There are just a couple of bad eggs that need to be cracked once and awhile.

I bet the next time Erin thinks about a random act of douchebaggery, she will think twice about it. And that makes it worth it.

I bet the next time Erin

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I bet the next time Erin thinks about a random act of douchebaggery, she will think twice about it. And that makes it worth it.

Yes, because that's exactly how arguments like this work. You'll change her mind forever by being equally shitty to her. It won't just dig everyone in deeper and make everyone's attitude worse.

If you want to be an internet bully, fine. Just don't pretend you're making any good come of it.

Yuppie gets splashed

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all the haters come out bashing Dorchester, Southie et al. Numerous comments, whining etc.
Bus driver gets beat up on Columbia Road........2 comments.
All you do gooders should move to Roxbury and try to change the quality of life.

Um, Columbia Road doesn't go through Roxbury

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It starts in Dorchester and ends in Southie.

That said, you're kind of right. The thing is, while people are upset about a bus driver getting beat up, there's nothing that gets people going more than class or neighborhood warfare.

If one of the parties took a parking spot, there'd be twice the comments.

If there was a bicycle involved, the numbers would be through the roof.

I grew up in Boston

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And I never wanted to nor have deliberately splashed anyone, or target them for some bullshit treatment because I suspected they were [fill in the blank]. That is childish and for an adult it's called being an asshole. I'm aware of tensions between this and that demographic, and have opinions of my own, but I would never target anyone like some do. We are all individual human beings. I know that sounds corny, but it's true.

My mom came from Ireland, and she told me what it was like when she first came to America as a teenager, how she felt very lonely being away from her family and friends, how she was very self conscious about her accent, and so-on. She taught her kids to treat everyone, especially strangers, with respect, unless they aren't worthy of it for legitimate reasons. She knew what it was like to be an outsider. And I grew up in a minority majority neighborhood and am bisexual, so I also know what it's like to be an outsider. People like Erin and SB yuppie overlord need to grow up.

Keep talking, you are making

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Keep talking, you are making me famous :)

Did you really have nothing better to do this week than to stalk my facebook and out me on your little page?

You found proof that yuppies are hated. Big fucking deal. Is this news? Are you happy now that you have had your fun? Feel popular and important now that you have a scapegoat to throw your neighborhood woes on

I didn't remove my post, I made it private. Since YOU won't reveal YOURSELF I decided to make my personal page private.

Lastly, had you come to me and asked about the "splashing" -- this is ridiculous by the way -- I would have told you that I could have slowed down, but didn't as it happened so fast. If you want to know MORE of my evil deeds I can confess that I also splashed someone today on River Street in Mattapan. That was purely accidental, but what can I say -- I am an equal opportunity splasher.

PLEASE get a life. The only person you are making a fool of is YOURSELF.


"You found proof that yuppies are hated"

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"You found proof that yuppies are hated"

Haha, you mean proof that some white trash girls in Dorchester hates yuppies? Since the Yuppies run Southie, I doubt they hate themselves (at least not collectively, there may be a few self haters in the bunch).

Enjoy Dorchester!

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So nice that people like you can't afford to live here anymore. Bye!

Lessons for teens

Tonight, I will show my sons your electronic trail here, because it makes such a great lesson in how the internet will haunt you if you don't understand that anything and everything you say is broadcast to millions of people and recorded for a good long time.

We will google you, pull up your facebook profile, etc. Just like a potential employer would. Being proud of your behavior isn't going to help you when you start looking for a job. The fact that the irony of a woman with an education such as yours who moved to Dorchester is attacking "yuppies" like herself - using her car - is lost on you won't help you in the art world, either. I have friends in your field. They will hire stoners and people with unorthodox politics - but they won't hire somebody who thinks it is fun to intentionally soak people they hate on for ridiculous reasons, and then offer to fight people when called out on it.

Thanks for and easy and clear lesson on the unforgiving nature of the web. I think you will be saving my kids some grief.

Dear god

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Even when I want to agree with you, you just make it so hard. "I have friends in the art world..." Sweet fancy Moses.

Not uncommon

I really don't think this is unusual. Spend enough time in one place and get to know folks in your neighborhood, and the probability of finding people making art is high, and making a living in the arts is pretty good in the Boston area.

"Famous" isn't the word you're looking for.

It's "infamous". Trumpeting your own childish, malicious behavior like this on the Internet doesn't reflect well on your character or intelligence. It's 2013: time to start thinking about curating your life online. This little anecdote is going to hang around a looong time, and as this story shows, just setting your Facebook posting to "private" won't erase it from public view.

As the kids say, "Just sayin'."

No class at all

Spin all you like. Your initial posting suggested your act was deliberate -- and that you thought it was a (small) triumph. The only intelligent post you could make on this topic would be a sincere apology to the unknown person you soaked. However, you don't seem to be the kind of person who would find such an action appropriate. Sad.

I don't get it

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Maybe I don't get what a yuppie is, but isn't Erin a yuppie herself? She's young, lives in an urban area, and doesn't appear to have a factory or dock related job which would make her a professional, right? At least most blue collar jobs don't require masters degrees.

Did the meaning of yuppie change? And if Erin isn't a yuppie, who is?

yuppies oblivious to reality

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U ignorantly, obliviously and greedily take over people's neighborhoods and downtowns destroying character, soul and even local traditional culture much of it ethnic, ALL ACROSS THE UNITED STATES and you cannot understand people's anger?!
U dont realize the YUPpie reality is insular, narrow minded and very unlike the real world that humans exist in world wide outside of your little bubbles.

U exploit people and cultures to get your own way then hide behind political correctness and whatever else your culture has marketed to the public.
U r classists. U wouldn't dare insult Roxbury or Chelsea. U r cowards.

A lifetime of snobbery doesn't equal one ounce of class.
New money and YUPpies r ways stinking up Harvard Sq as well.

U wouldn't know genuine wealth or high WASP culture at all.

Yer a bunch of middle and upper middle class commoners. Go to hell.

Zombie thread, back from the dead!

Does anyone else think that spelling "you" as "U" and "are" as "r" makes a person sound like a child, or a Prince wannabe?

Seems to me that being a rude, self-absorbed person with an overinflated sense of entitlement isn't a function of your socioeconomic status, education, ethnic background, or length of tenure in a particular neighborhood. Being a shitty person transcends class and cultural lines.

Gentrification always creates tension. Neighborhoods change, long-time residents and businesses are forced out by rising real estate costs and rents, everything gets more vanilla and duller. The South End is a good example: on the one hand, a lot of the character and colorfulness has disappeared, but property values have improved dramatically, and it's a lot safer than it used to be. It's a relentless set of trade-offs, and as urbanization continues, as more young people shun suburban living for city life, it will only continue.

City living is such that you will rarely love all of your neighbors, but you have to make allowances and try to get along. I don't see how lumping people into groups like yuppies and townies helps this. Make it about decent people vs. shitty people, and stop pretending that those lines match up neatly to your personal set of broad-brush stereotypes.


I used to hate gentrification, but you're never going to stop it so why complain. It has ruined old neighborhood culture and risen rents for people and business. For me, it was more an issue when people would move in do what they wanted and leave in a few years. Now, it seems as though more people are staying and raising families, at least in JP. Schools and services have improved, but the true Bostonian has left for the most part. The new people will hopefully start their own culture within the neighborhoods and evolve it into something new and great.

Just for kicks, here is list of places I'll miss in JP due to gentrification:

The old (only) Milky Way
Triple D's
Tacos El Charro
Brendan Behan (before it became is hipster bar)
Pupusa El Guanaco
Foot Locker
Hi-Lo (now I gotta drive to Dorchester to get pigs feet! Dammit, I need some trotter gear right now!)
The Rozzie Pub (yes, I know it's in Roslindale)

And, what the fuck, did I hear the West Roxbury Pub is closing? Where am I going to get a watered down Miller Lite? I guess I'll have to go back to JJ Brannelly's *shudder*

Unintentionally ironic?

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It's hard to live in Boston for any length of time, and not mourn the loss of great places - because we're so good at growing them. And it sounds like you and I used to live in the same neighborhood (I lived a couple decades on Day and on Spring Park). So I admit with some reluctance that I'm amused at the spots you miss in JP "due to gentrification":

The old (only) Milky Way - I miss it too, but it came in with the gentrification wave of the 90s!
Triple D's - ditto!
Tacos El Charro - even later!
Brendan Behan (before it became is hipster bar) - still there, and always had the trendsters dropping in. Twas ever thus.
Pupusa El Guanaco - you mean "La Pupusa Guanaca"? Been gone for years - and they were replaced by an 'Abrogados' (aka a law office catering to spanish speaking community). Not quite a net loss for the 'old neighborhood' folks.
Foot Locker - also showed up in the 90s. Was touted as evidence of the "rehabilitation of Centre street".
Hi-Lo - lol, you're a fibber. Even if you hate Whole Paycheck, no one misses HellHole Foods.
The Rozzie Pub (yes, I know it's in Roslindale) - B K's is still there for all your dive-bar needs.

(and segueing with that last one - Roslindale is a great example of how a neighborhood can welcome new people and new life, and keep strong faith with its past. Plenty of real Bostonians still happy to be here, friend.)

I guess I've shown my age...

As someone who grew up in JP in the 90's...

The old (only) Milky Way - I miss it too, but it came in with the gentrification wave of the 90s! (yes, but high rents, as a result of gentrification, forced it out and still has not found some to occupy the space)
Triple D's - ditto! (Ahhh, what? The Harrington's ran Triple D's since the late '70's)
Tacos El Charro - even later! (even later as in what? The place was in business for 30 years before it closed)
Brendan Behan (before it became is hipster bar) - still there, and always had the trendsters dropping in. Twas ever thus. (The bar had 5 beers on tap and didn't even sell domestics up until '03ish)
Pupusa El Guanaco - you mean "La Pupusa Guanaca"? Been gone for years - and they were replaced by an 'Abrogados' (aka a law office catering to spanish speaking community). Not quite a net loss for the 'old neighborhood' folks. (yea, wow, i was way off, obviously I'm not a spanish speaking individual, however, their pupusas were the best and I miss it)
Foot Locker - also showed up in the 90s. Was touted as evidence of the "rehabilitation of Centre street". (again, moved out due to high rent)
Hi-Lo - lol, you're a fibber. Even if you hate Whole Paycheck, no one misses HellHole Foods. (absolutely not true. ask anyone from Bromley-Heath if they miss it.)
The Rozzie Pub (yes, I know it's in Roslindale) - B K's is still there for all your dive-bar needs. (yea, I'd go to BK if I wanted to leave with a bag of coke, but I'm all set.)

Jeff, thanks for trying to make me look like an asshole, I appreciate it.

No no - not my intent!

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Jeff, thanks for trying to make me look like an asshole, I appreciate it.

Well, I don't think your OP was a-holish at all - I only meant to point out that what's "new Boston" and what's "old Boston" is really subjective. I miss almost all those places you mentioned too (well, the first five, anyway ;)

We're in violent agreement, I think.