Doug the Bug's Voter Registration History and Other Lies

Gadfly candidate Doug "the Bug" Bennett recently claimed that his latest opponent, Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins, was formerly registered as a Republican. A quick review of Massachusetts voter records indicate that this is not true and that Sheriff Tompkins has, in fact, always been a registered Democrat. This deception was presumably propagated by Doug the Bug to deter the good Democratic voters of Boston from noting that Doug himself is a Republican who only occasionally registers as a "D" to jump into some race or another of which he's utterly unqualified to be involved.

Doug claims in the same article that he is in good company, citing a short list of Massachusetts Democrats that "use to be Republicans." This list is largely disingenuous (or more likely just misinterpreted by a mental midget and political neophyte) and in the case of Tompkins and Bennett himself, an outright lie.

Bennett, in the same post, here on UHub, claims that he re-registered as a Democrat when he realized that the Republican Party was a party of inequality and intolerance. Bennett however, according to Massachusetts voter records (please see attached) is still a Republican and once again only dropped a "D" after his name so that he could spend a year trolling the internet and attacking real candidates and posters while maintaining his Republican affiliations such as RedMassGroup and others.

As a Massachusetts voter, I'm inclined to agree that the Republican party is one of "inequality and intolerance" and since Bennett has lied about leaving the party, we must conclude that Doug the Bug and his "Crime Posses" are supportive of such things as inequality and intolerance.

In fact, further reports of Doug the Bug's lies are rolling in from folks who's homes he's approached claiming to be a Democrat (a lie) and Sheriff (a lie) when he has intimidated them into allowing him to display his finger-painted graffiti masquerading as campaign signs. Some folks reported here on UHub anonymously that if Doug the Bug likes the location of your property for one of his signs, he doesn't even risk asking, he just puts it up, and then keeps replacing it when you pull it down and put it in the trash. Other folks have reported that when they remove the signs after learning the truth about Bennett from their neighbors, he just comes by relentlessly and puts another up.

Several neighbors of Bennett's 37 South Munroe Terrace residence in Dorchester have expressed fear of his irrational and aggressive behavior when some refused to pollute their properties and offend their other neighbors with Bennett's ridiculous clown signs.

Above all, it must be seriously considered by Suffolk County voters that Bennett was reportedly forced off of the Nantucket Board of Selectmen for using the deputized status of Nantucket's Selectmen to illegally act as a law-enforcement agent to intimidate potential opponents, reporters and anyone else that refused to bend to his twisted whim. In other words, Bennett already has a history of falsely impersonating a law enforcement officer for his own selfish gain and has already slanderously attacked the actual Sheriff of Suffolk County of doing such things - which were proven in court to be untrue (read: more Bennett lies).

Is this really a candidate that anyone should even consider for a political office, let alone a top law enforcement office? The answer is a resounding "no." Doug Bennett is a dishonest, disingenuous, dangerously deluded interloper who should go home to Nantucket.



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Thanks Moe!

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I am looking forward to Dougie B's response. But he's been quiet since the Clemons license lies, except for changing the subject to Menino not attending Marty's inauguration. But we know DB is just chomping at the bit to prepare a response with ALL CAPS, BOLD, ITALICS and HIGHLIGHTED.

I also think we all would like to know more about the Bennett/Pizza connection.

Steve Tompkins registered as a Democrat on April 1, 2013

You know when you are heading for victory when anonymous posters attack and ridicule you. It always out of fear, hatred, and jealousy that these "stalker trolls" attack you when you are on the brink of success and triumph.

My good friend Moe Love obviously does not like the fact that yes I am a former Republican. However, fortunately I am in good company.

My opponent Steve Tompkins, a Press Secretary, registered as a Democrat only this past April 1, 2013 according to the Boston Elections Department. Call Boston City Elections Department if you have a question about this fact at 617-635-3767

In fact, Steve Tompkins only recently moved here from New York state. His only law enforcement experience was that of being Andrea Cabral's Press Secretary and Tompkins did not even bother to REGISTER TO VOTE for several years until after he became Cabral's spokesperson or "communications director"

What's great is that I'm sure that Steve will agree since he only became a Democrat nine months ago that party status won't be an issue because the woman I look to succeed as elected Sheriff of Suffolk County, Andrea Cabral, was a registered Republican when she first became Sheriff. When she realized like that the Republicans were the party of hate and closemindness, Ms. Cabral like Steven Tompkins and myself became a Democrat.

And then there is U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. It is true, Senator Warren was a registered Republican only until recently before she came to Harvard. In fact, Elizabeth Warren was a Republican all the way through the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

And of course we can not forget how President Clinton's wife Hillary Clinton who happens to probably be the next President is also a former Republican.

Last but not least, the greatest President ever and the person responsible for the new deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a former Republican.

So let's list all the former Republicans:

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Andrea Cabral
3. Douglas Bennett
4. Steven Tompkins
5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
6. Hilary Clinton

Sounds like I'm in good company. In a position that involves Murder and Violence, there is no Democrat or Republican, only Non-Partisanship.

Thank you for your endorsement Moe Love.

TEABAGGER DOUG or Moe? Who is right?

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Moe seems like a reasonable guy, and I'd like to believe him. He is well informed about some of the stuff Dougie is up to here in the Dot. Dougie is a proven liar and has lied repeatedly and recently. But that doesn't necessarily mean he is lying about Tomkins registration. So who is telling the truth about Tomkins registration?
On the other hand, If it's true, I'm happy to see that all of these politicians have seen the light and rejected the party of hate, ignorance, and lies. However I don't remember any of them speaking to a TEA PARTY RALLY in 2009 like DOUGIE did. DOUGIE is a TEABAGGER!!! DOUG the TEABAGGER will have to do a lot more than register as a Democrat to get rid of the TEA PARTY STINK!!


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Doug is still upvoting his own posts. How sad.

D, R, or I Doug's Policies Don't Fly!

First your platform idea of removing illegal guns from the county is illegal because Sheriff's in Massachusetts do not have the statutory authority to do so.

Second your plan to get soon to be released inmates upon the end of their incarceration jobs in local government is just wrong both financially and logistically. Financially governments do not pay taxes there for the tax breaks that would benefit the people who hire these people in non government jobs would not be fully utilized. Logistically it's wrong because people who work in government are subject to a back round check which considering that they would be fresh out of the system you would be setting them up to fail. Not to mention that people with out criminal records my find this program to be very displeasing. On top of that enough people think that government workers are criminals already for one reason or another don't throw gas on that fire.

Finally your idea of having "Crime Deterrence Posse" as defined by your web page for your campaign for sheriff has to be the most reckless idea I've heard. The fact that's still up there is so condescending in the post Zimmerman trial world. Look you can't give civilians legal authority like that. It could end up getting Sheriff's office sued if one of these people overstepped their bounds and to say that it wouldn't cost the tax payers any money is impossible because unless you yourself are running it which i doubt you will. You are going to have to have an Deputy from the Sheriff's office do it and trust me they are not going to do it for free.

For all those who read this notice that two of these three policy ideas have nothing to do with inmates. The rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates is the chief responsibility of the Sheriff's of the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts. NOT CRIME PREVENTION! We have POLICE for that. As we all saw this past spring they are pretty damn good at what they do!

Thank You for your time.

I'm a man that can admit mistakes.

I jumped the gun (no pun intended) here with my posting here. I said that the sheriff doesn't have the statutory authority to remove illegal guns from the county. I was partly right and wrong. The sheriff does have the authority to remove guns that are illegal. But only if a search warrant or arrest warrant must be issued in most instances that a sheriff or their deputy for them remove the weapons. As for the likely hood of a sheriffs office receiving such permission is highly uncommon in the commonwealth. So your platform idea is still moronic!

Thank You and have a nice day.

Cabral switched because swift told her to!

Cabral only switched parties because swift refused to give the job to anyone that wasn't a republican. She switched right back right after she was appointed. It wasn't like what you are doing which is just a sleazy attempt to pander to voters.

Sheriff Tompkin's Voter History

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Here ya go Doug the Bug. You wouldn't know this, 'cause you don't have access to the Democratic voter files. We won't give them to you, 'cause we know you're a Republican.

All Democrat, since 2002. Where do you make up your info from? If you just went away, maybe some naive folks would actually consider you. But when you are relentlessly goofy, what choice do we have but to crush your soul and embarrass what pittance of any legacy that might have survived for you?

Sorry Moe, but Tompkins registered on April 1, 2013 as Democrat

Sorry Moe (aka "Bill") you can plaster as many manipulated rectangle graphs with twisted data, but all you have to do is call the Boston Elections Department at 617-635-3767 and an Elections Department Worker will accurately and immediately inform whoever asks that Steve Tompkins did not register as a Democrat until less than NINE MONTHS AGO. In fact if you dig further, they will also answer that Tompkins failed to register to vote for a couple years after he moved here from New York State.

The reason why Moe won't call Boston Elections is because he knows what I am saying is the truth.

Look Moe, Steve Tompkins is an imperfect Democrat like myself, Andrea Cabral, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We all saw the light. In Steve Tompkins case he is the newest Democrat of us all and we are an open tent and he is welcome like everyone to be a part our political party.

I am sure with Tompkins only becoming a Democrat less than NINE MONTHS ago, he would not want to make this an issue in this election. Remember ensuring public safety of Suffolk County, and that means dealing with murder, violence, and other crimes, there is no Democrat or Republican but non-partisanship.

Wrong again, Dougie

Looks like the good Sheriff has been a registered Democrat since 2002. What's your excuse? And where do you see TouchFM having a license?

So who is telling the truth?

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We all know Dougie is a pathological liar and worse, but Moe hasn't proved a thing with his chart. Is Dougie right, can anyone just call the elections department and find out?
Moe, what is your source and how can it be accessed by others?

I called Boston Elections. Tompkins registered as Dem on 4/1/13

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I got sick of hearing about this nonsense. So I called the Boston Elections Department to see if Bennett was telling the truth and Bennettt was.

Yesterday afternoon I spoke to John Donovan who runs the Elections Department. I gave him Tompkins name and address at 106 Williams Street in Hyde Park and he confirmed that Tompkins has only been a Democrat since last April 1, 2013.

Anyone who questions this I suggest that they just call the phone number provided by Bennett and they will answer this request.

It was very easy and all confusion was quickly cleared up.

It's Right from the Secretary of State's Office, Buggy

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The voter registration numbers are solid. They come right from the official source and it's irrefutable. The folks at the Elections Office here at the City see Buggy coming and just keep us all giggling by patting you on the head like a daffy annoying kid and sending you on your way with the wrong info knowing that right or wrong, you'll send it out there like its right from the Bible.

Coming soon! The "Truth About Doug the Bug" website where we'll all be able to aggregate all of the evidence on Buggy's eder-abuse, child abuse allegations from his divorce case, party switching mayhem and the shameless propagation of complete lies to try and divert attention from his battyness. Not to mention his illegal impersonation of a law-enforcement officer back on Nantucket.

Don't worry folks, I'll make it as entertaining as an ongoing trainwreck can be.


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A website devoted to DB stuff! Sounds positively delicious. I cant wait.

Great work as usual, Moe

I cannot imagine what it must be like to live on the same block as this lunatic. Your piece has now given me further insight into the warped mind of Doug Bennett. Now that he's unemployed he must be driving his neighbors crazy!


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Moe's erudite use of the word "gadfly" makes me believe everything he says.