A downtown Rochie's?

The Herald reports Roche Bros. could help fill the Hole with a new store as part of the skyscraper now actually under construction.

Dear Herald: as 02132 notes below, this would be Roche Bro.'s second Boston store, unless you know something we don't about West Roxbury seceding.



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Starts on the wrong foot.

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"Roche Bros. is in lease negotiations to open its first Boston grocery store in Downtown Crossing, sources told the Herald."

Um, West Roxbury location? Also, chain's 1st store ever was in Roslindale, from what I've heard.


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Guess even the Herald doesn't bother to hire locals anymore.

Yeah, the original Roche brothers set up their first store in Roslindale Square, back in the days when the locals sometimes called it downtown, because it had grocery stores (at least two), a department store, a bowling alley and a movie theater.

Could be wrong on this

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NotWhitey can feel free to correct me, but I believe it was the building where El Chavo and Vouros are. I suspect we're talking about a smallish candelpins alley like Ron's rather than some giant tenpin setup (I heard about it on a walking tour of the area a few years ago, led by Glenn Williams).

According to Hisgtoric Boston - Yes and No

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According to Historic Boston's description of the building there was a lower level constructed in the Parkway Building to accomodate "plans" to build a bowling alley. Wonder if there is still room. That would be awesome. Can we have a bowling alley instead of Auto Zone?

SIGNIFICANCE: The Parkway Building is a two story building located on the corner of Washington and Poplar Streets, with the primary façade facing on Washington Street. The distinctive parapet features decorative panels separated by bold piers topped by ziggurats.
Building permits show that the Parkway Building replaced a one-and-a-half- story wood stable building that was razed after two horses fell through the floor in the middle of the night. The building was developed by John Basile of Basile Realty Company, a local contractor that developed several commercial and residential parcels in Roslindale including the commercial building at 4196 Washington Street, on the corner of Basile Street. He hired Maurice Levy, a relatively unknown Boston architect who also designed residential homes in Jamaica Plain’s Woodbourne neighborhood. Levy designed an underground extension in the rear to accommodate plans to build bowling alleys in the basement of the building. The first floor has always contained commercial retail uses, such as pizza shops, bakeries and hair salons, while the second floor was used for office space. The attractive Art Deco commercial block is a significant character defining feature for the commercial district.


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It was in the basement. The entrance was on the other end of the building from Vouros. I bowled there around 1980.

Three supermarkets, Nine to

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Three supermarkets, Nine to Nine / then Corey's Mkt, directly across street from 1st Roche Bros ( Meat & Produce at first ), up beside current package store , I think , was Lodgen supermarket, which had a package store too, right next door to it. There was a Kresge and a Parke Snow dept. stores among other specialty stores. Rialto was the theatre ,beside the old post office on South street , which moved to Cummings hwy. Fire station at location of library , and Washington street was two way all the way , didnt turn one way at park.