Drunk Massholes scream at old lady in a wheelchair who asked them to not park in a North End handicap spot

The North End Regional Review reports on the two intoxicated 20-something 6-footers who unleashed "a torrent of screaming and cursing" on the 4'5" elderly lady in a motorized wheelchair.



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Ah, handicapped parking, the

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Ah, handicapped parking, the last sacred cow in our society.

Verbally abusing *anyone* is a bad idea. But I'm not so impressed by the elderly woman either.

She wasn't actually going to use the space herself -- she was just being a parking vigilante.

"I have to live with myself later on if these two drunken fools do end up plowing into someone or something"

Well, if she didn't want them to park, then they would *have* to drive somewhere else while drunk.

Sorry, but speaking from

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Sorry, but speaking from personal experience there's no justification for parking in handicap spaces if you don't meet the requirements.

Doesn't sound like usual "Massholes'

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There is some proven Masshole behavior, but I don't think ganking handicapped spots or intimidating old ladies has historically fallen under that category.

I don't use the term but I think a person who might be deemed a Masshole in traffic or saving a space saver is probably a true gent to elderly and handicapped people, esp. women.

Much more so than some entitled douches not raised in Boston or Mass.

We might not have learned the best traffic etiquette but we learned to respect our elders.

Hope these guys get busted and prove my theory that they're out of towners.

City and property owners could help

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I'm a pretty quiet person, but I also speak out when I see someone using the handicap spots illegally.

I will say, adding to the problem is that the city and property owners with parking lots do not enforce the rules.

Do you also speak out when

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Do you also speak out when there are too many handicapped spots, and some never get used?

The number of handicap spots

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The number of handicap spots in a parking lot is set by federal law, that is ADA regulations. 4 HP spaces per 100 parking spots and in huge lots it is 2% HP spaces. 1 in 6 spaces need to be van accessible with the 8 foot access aisle. For outpatient hospitals they must be provide 10% HP spots, Rehabs must provide 20% HP spots. These numbers were changed in the ADA 2010 update to standards.
In the real world there never appear to be enough spots - specifically van access size. More spots are taken by folks who do not belong or elderly parked in the stripe area because it is closet to the door.