On-duty firefighter charged with heroin possession in Egleston Square

HoganBoston Police report Stephen Hogan, 24, of Dorchester, was arrested during a drug investigation in the area of Columbus Avenue and Bray Street yesterday.

Officers assigned to the Drug Control Unit observed a white male walking and talking on a cell phone while also carrying what appeared to be a plastic bag in his hand. The suspect was seen entering a vehicle which then went for a short drive around the block before dropping the suspect off. Believing that a drug transaction had taken place, officers approached the suspect after he exited the vehicle and found him to be in possession of a plastic bag containing a tan powder believed to be heroin.

Hogan is the son of Fire Chief Gerald Hogan. However, he is no longer a Boston firefighter. Fire spokesman Steve MacDonald says he resigned after his arrest Hogan had been a probationary firefighter - he had served less than a year.

Innocent, etc.



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Son of the Fire Chief

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Adam, you missed out on the best/worst/most-boston part. Stephen Hogan is the son of the Fire Chief, Gerald Hogan. Can't make this stuff up.


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Do we get to take back the money he earned from the pay raise that the firemen's union won in arbitration in exchange for random drug testing?

Do the math

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They all get paid more today than they would have if they hadn't gotten a quid pro quo 1.5% raise when the drug testing was added to their contract. So, take 1.48% of his current pay (1.5/101.5) and give it back to the city as a penalty.

Do the meth

So the issue is not really how the policy established should be reconciled with this incident but rather what are the consequences of his actions with respect to his health, criminal charges, and employment status at BFD.

I assume he's snorting it?

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Excuse my ignorance, but how do you function as a firefighter while using heroin? Cocaine I can understand, but heroin? I've known multiple heroin users and addicts in my life, they were all essential highly unreliable. They lived for H.

I happen to know him

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I happen to know him personally and can let you know that he is an Army veteran and really nice guy. He suffers from PTSD and as a mental health professional, I can tell you that is a legitimate diagnosis that left untreated can lead to issues such as substance abuse. Also, as part of a military family I can tell you that seeking help for mental health issues is seen as a sign of weakness in the military - which has lead to countless suicides of service members and many instances of substance abuse.
Of course his military service and ensuing mental health problems was not mentioned in a single news broadcast because they want to paint him as a scum bag taking advantage of his father's rank. I am not excusing what he did by any means but am asking people to understand that people do not become substance abusers for no reason.

Had my share . . . .

. . . of mistakes that didn't hurt anyone and were no one's business but my own and my family's when I was young. I wish the best for this young man and his family.