East Boston hit harder than most in the storm - and not just because of the snow

At the height of the storm, East Boston's connections to the rest of the world dwindled.

Around 9 p.m., three cars crashed on the East Boston side of the Meridian Street bridge. Police shut the span for their investigation, hindered briefly because two of the drivers chased the third driver over the bridge into Chelsea.

A fire at Aquarium shut Blue Line service at the end of the night.

Flights at Logan were canceled, which normally wouldn't affect most East Boston residents, except it might explain this:



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always refuse to take people to Eastie.

the trick is...

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You must first get in the cab and then tell them to take you to Eastie. If you ask at the window they'll always do this. But once you're in they have no choice.

Blue Line shuttles

The fire seems to have happened at about 12:30am, with shuttles announced, but no buses showed up, and trains finally made the last rounds at 1:30am.

Meanwhile: https://twitter.com/HeyRatty/status/412244892916932608 Uber jacked up its prices because they needed to entice more of their drivers to go in-service. I'm sure the Blue Line exacerbated this as demand must have spiked very suddenly.

As Mikey said...

This is nothing new regarding cabs to Eastie, but I'm sure it was even worse last night.

I get that it costs them a bit more in time and tolls, but the entirety of your job is to take a person from point a to point b for money, and to do so within the rules and laws the city has set in place. Also, instances of drivers rolling windows up without saying a word and flooring it are the norm, you're often lucky if they just say no. I always have my phone handy to note time, location and medallion numbers and report every driver, every time. I don't know if anything ever comes of it, but surprisingly enough, I can only recall one instance in the past year where BPD Hackney Division hasn't gotten back to me to confirm details.