East Boston teen to spend 15 years in prison for killing man who sexually abused him

Marco Tulio Flores, now 19, today pleaded guilty to strangling Jaime Galdamez with a dog chain and then setting his body on fire after years of sexual abuse, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Flores accepted the voluntary-manslaughter sentence rather than face a murder charge for the 2011 death of Jaime Galdemez, the DA's office says.

"This was a just resolution to an utterly tragic case," DA Dan Conley said. "It provides accountability for a life that was taken cruelly, but it also recognizes the strong mitigating factors and the potential outcomes at trial."

According to the DA's office:

Had the case proceeded to trial, Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum of the DA's Homicide Unit would have introduced evidence and testimony to show that Flores brought a knife and metal chain to the older family friend's home on the night of May 22, 2011, confronted him about sexually abusing Flores as a pre-teen, and interrogated him about his alleged plans to abuse another young member of the family. Afterward, the evidence would have shown, Flores wrapped Galdamez' face in duct tape and strangled him with the chain. Flores then took several items including computer equipment from Galdamez' residence and doused the bed and remains in lighter fluid. At about 8:00 the next morning, the evidence would have shown, Flores returned and set the fire by reaching in through a window he left open. That fire led to the discovery of Galdamez' remains.



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    There needs to be room in American society for absolute justice. This kid has already suffered more than 99% of Americans. Why should he spend 15 years behind bars for this? That scumbag deserved to die. I at least hope he suffered.


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    We have a thing called due process. Whats to say in the next case some sociopath who wants someone death tapes a false confession, kills them, them claims the same story?

    We have laws to protect our liberty and protect the innocent from false accusations from fellow citizens and the government. And we're all better off for it.


    Justice > Revenge.

    Revenge tends to beget more revenge, just as violence does. You can't get rid of the darkness with more darkness, you need light.

    **This kid has already

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    **This kid has already suffered more than 99% of Americans. Why should he spend 15 years behind bars for this? **

    While the guy was probably scum and deserved to be dealt with according, this is not a valid response in any stretch, even for the abused.

    He also stole the guys big screen TV...and computer(?)

    Came back later and he duct-taped a guy to a bed and lit him on fire alive!

    While we all feel for this kid, it does not excuse what he did and how he did it.

    Absolute justice? We find justice in court.

    BTW....has the abuse ever been confirmed? ..or is this an easy out?

    they have been known to be easy on somebody considers a victim

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    **And prosecutors are not generally known for wanting to go easy on somebody charged with first-degree murder**

    No, but they have been known to be easy on somebody who is considers a victim. ('lest they be "victimized all over again".)