East side, west side ...

The mayor's office has issued a winter weather advisory for tomorrow that, besides urging us to be alert (the city needs more lerts), says that while the eastern side of the city could get 3-6 inches of snow, the western side of the city could get up to 8. Wonder what the dividing line between east and west is? Daniel Guzman theorizes:

Precincts that went for Walsh get 3-6, Connolly voters 6-plus.

Which might not actually be that far from the truth, given that Connolly mostly won the city's westernmost precincts.



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        I was talking about that the other day.

        For the amount of taxes people pay in the Parkway area vs. the services we receive. The Parkway would be better off breaking off from Boston. Maybe 1 in 10 families send their kids to BPS, our community center and rink were both funded by Roche Brother, we have no Community Health Center, we have no city funded youth center/programs.

        I Personally think the Parkway would thrive!


        I've always thought it meant West Rox & Roslindale but I could be wrong. I don't know if the part of Rosi beyond Hyde Park Ave counts or not for example.

        The boring and humorless answer

        Looking at the different local and national weather sources, it looks like most of the forecast maps draw the line between one arbitrary category of snowfall and the next arbitrary category roughly through Boston. Since getting ward by ward snowfall predictions is a bit unrealistic, the City of Boston probably just uses that data, and rather than average the data for cases like this they just report it as is.