On Election Day, people in West Roxbury keep it under their hats

Bill Walczak and a Walsh supporter

At Holy Name School in West Roxbury this morning, a Walsh supporter in a bowler had a nice chat with Bill Walczak about how JFK ruined the American hat industry.

Another voter dressed in her Tuesday finest to cast her vote, then exited past Dan Conley, doing a little politicking a bit closer than 150 feet to the entrance to the polls, as is the tradition there:

Woman in hat after voting at Holy Name.

What are you seeing at the polls?



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That hat

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Yeah, very bowlerish (like I know hats - I couldn't tell you the difference between a fedora and a trilby if my life depended on it). Changed.


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Well now I have to ask how old you are, because I feel like most of UHub's commenters are solidly in HOVA's demographic.

How many

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cats do you think that lady owns, 100?

Southie Library

campaigners were out in full effect this morning at the library, in their usual "accost the voter as they are walking in, 5 ft from the door" spots. Luckily it was only a nice lady asking to consider Walsh vs. the typical "REMEMBER YAH FRIEND [insert southie pol here]" guy, but still. Does no one enforce the 150ft law? I generally don't look forward to voting in the very least, due to the campaigners basically standing between you and the door, seems like crossing a picket line most of the time.

a nice lady asking to consider Walsh

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In the crowd outside the Curtis Guild in Eastie, an older man gave me the gentlest pitch ever when he politely asked me to consider Walsh. I still didn't vote for him, but was struck by the guy's quiet and seemingly sincere demeanor.

Lots of signage

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Well, in Brighton, there were lots of signs but unfortunately not for the candidate that I want to win...so I have a feeling I'm going to be sorely disappointed in our choices in the runoff.

Please, Boston, let's not make this a choice between a turd sandwich and a turd sandwich with cheese.


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When you have 12 turds, you really have no choice.

The Boston pols are going to

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The Boston pols are going to kick you in the nuts and take your lunch money before you ever get a chance to choose between which shit sandwich is going to get rammed down your throat.

Oh good Lord

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What a bunch of whiners. 12 turds--really? I think it's the liveliest, most interesting field of candidates we've had in ...well, my memory. Less tribal than the last big go-round in '93, IMHO. But I get the sense that no one and nothing would make you happy. Who's YOUR divine nominee?

You are where you shop

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We went candidate shopping at the turd shops - Beacon Hill, City Hall etc. - wadjya expect? My final choice is between someone I'm lukewarm over but I think has a shot to make the next round or someone I like on all issues but one, but who will probably finish middle of the pack if the polls are to be trusted.

Not saying Bloomberg or Emmanuel are God's gift to urban politics, but it would be nice for a change to get somebody with some heft like that - and I'm not talking Christy either - who BTW was looking a bit trimmer when I saw him yesterday on TV. Could be slimming down to gear up for a run. Christy v. Clinton 2016? Hmmm...

Why is it that none of our local poobahs ever want to run for Mayor? Governor - sure - but not mayor.

Putin for Mayor

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I'm sure he'd walk around shirtless for Stevil's fanservice!

Seriously, we don't need a mayor that guts services and schools to fund paramilitary cops guarding Starbucks while our neighborhoods burn. Even if the "strongman" game gets Stevil revved.

Like a fish

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It rots from the head after two terms. Not sure about Emmanuel - and not praising him - just noting he was a heavy hitter. Bloomberg was good for the first two terms and in the third seemed to lose his mind over candy and transfats - a sign he had done all he could in a city too big to ever be functional anyway.

I just find it curious that all we get for most positions except governor and maybe treasurer are leftover seatwarmers waiting for someone above them to die or retire.

My prediction 1----John

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My prediction 1----John Connolly 2-----Marty Walsh 3----Dan Conley 4--- Charlotte Golar Ritchie 5-- Rob Consalvo