Election roundup: Another infusion of mystery-meat money for pro-Walsh ads; endorsements in District 5

Following David Bernstein's lead, the Globe today reports on the mystery Roslindale woman who set up a PAC to run ads supporting Marty Walsh. Turns out the woman couldn't find a voting booth if her life depended on it, yet she's raised lots of money from people she refuses to identify for these "independent" ads. The Globe also touches base with Bud "I want Chris Elliott to Play Me in My Biopic" Jackson, who says he'll be more than pleased to identify who's paying him to run pro-Marty ads - in January.

The Globe also reports that John Connolly gets angry sometimes.

The race isn't over just yet, but already has its first book, by the Dorchester Reporter's Gintautas Dumcius.

WBUR reports a new poll shows Walsh in the lead.

People against greyhound racing are now people against casinos. Speaking of casinos, a WBUR poll finds the CasiNO people have a narrow lead over Suffolk Downs in the East Boston referendum, but with 12% of voters there still undecided a few days before the election.

In District 5 (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan), Jean-Claude Sanon holds a press conference this morning to announce endorsements by State Sen.Linda Dorcena Forry, Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins, City councilors Felix Arroyo and Charles Yancey and state reps Russell Holmes and Dan Culinane in his race against Tim McCarthy for Rob Consalvo's seat.

Bay Windows surveys the at-large council candidates, including Jeff Ross, who provides a statement about an anti-Ross Web site. The Dorchester Reporter also looks at the at-large race.



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John Connolly seems rather animated.

I wouldn't mind knowing what got John so fired up at these two ladies. He's got the one of the left leaning back in her seat. Is the hair on her head blowing in the wind? The word bellowing comes to mind. John's either over caffeinated or he's a hot head.


Yeah, just keep making stuff up

The guy is talking, he might even be telling a joke. Who knows.
But really, just keep making stuff up.
Your anti-Connolly posts are obnoxious enough to make someone vote for him. I mean, if this kind of idiot is voting for Walsh, I don't want anything to do with him.
And I don't even live in Boston....

So true

By on

I'm firmly in the Walsh camp, and crap like this makes me kind of pity Connolly.

Of course, Anonymous also caused me to get into the business of bringing guns into the city. Seriously guy, you are making your allies rethink their positions while solidifying your opponents.

As for the business of the photo, who takes photos of someone trying to get a bad shot? The guy probably knew the kids of the ladies in the photo and was sharing some story from his youth. Just a guess.

I not Voting!

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We had an opportunity to elect a GOOD candidate 4 years ago. This election is like trying to vote for dumb or dumber!.

I think you got it wrong

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It's "I don't want to end up voting for the candidate that actually wins. This way, I can gripe for the next 4 to 20 years about whoever wins without actually taking part in the process of selecting him."

That said, the rest of us (or at least the voters amongst us) should take the comment as you see it, since that should be the truth.

There's one candidate who I supported since spring, and another one who I said I wouldn't support at the same time. At the end of the day, though, neither is really horrible. The latter candidate might have views I disagree with and might possibly make decisions that will be poor, but I don't think either will destroy the city.

Such crap

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Marty Walsh is the candidate of choice for 'progressives' yet his campaign is being heavily underwritten by people who want to actively hide their support until after the election? If the Koch brothers funded a candidate in a mysterious manner like this, people would cry all day about the corruption of the political process. I guess it's ok because why shouldn't unions in Nevada buy votes in Boston, right?

As stated by another poster, either candidate is going to be ok, but this is garbage politics by the Walsh backers.

With no knowledge of the candidate, I'm sure.

Not so sure both are OK anymore

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I used to feel that way, but not now.

Over the last week I decided to vote for Connolly. The Globe endorsement, describing him as a reformer, is how I feel he would perform as mayor. The infusion of massive amounts of union money, and particularly all the dark money being used to influence the election anonymously, will have a bad influence on the political life of Boston. It will have a negative influence on Walsh if he is elected. You cannot ignore the needs of a constituency that you are so dependent on. The class warfare strategy, attacking Connolly as privileged, is disingenuous. He had a middle class upbringing, had the smarts to be accepted to Harvard on his merits, and supports his family on half of what Walsh makes. He is hardly a Romney or a Kennedy.

Living in Brighton, seeing Boston College's v.p. Tom Keady described as the "architect" of the Walsh campaign, is another reason not to vote for him. That, combined with pressure from the building trades, will likely mean that any new construction proposed by the college will get the green light.

And as an aside, so what if Connolly loses his temper sometimes? The biggest screamer in City Hall is Tom Menino. His irascible temperament even made the front page of the Sunday Globe at one point.

Feel like I'm getting mugged

Both candidates are OK. But I don't like Walsh's tactics. It's like the Union is trying to strong arm the city into voting for him.

I resent that. Walsh ain't gonna get my vote.