Election roundup: Black paper calls on three black candidates to drop out

The Bay State Banner says Yancey, Clemons and Wyatt should drop out of the race and help get one of the other minority candidates who actually has a chance get elected:

Sometimes it is heroic to quit. Politicians are competitive, highly motivated and aggressive individuals who will fight to the end. It is unnatural for them to throw in the towel before the political battle is over. However, there is a strategic aspect of politics that just might call for such a maneuver.

Should Yancey get elected, he has some ideas on education.

Marty Walsh raised the most money in August.

The Fenway News posts the priorities of three candidates running to replace Mike Ross in District 8 (Mission Hill, Fenway, Back Bay, Beacon Hill). Only one of those candidates has a bridge named after his father.

Tim McCarthy, running to replace Rob Consalvo in District 5 (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan), has gotten endorsed by the Carpenters and Unite Here Local 26.

Mass. Voters for Animals has endorsed Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu (at large), Matt O'Malley (District 6), Joshua Zakim (District 8) and Mimi Turchinetz (District 5).



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Political Payback

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The Bay State Banner is paying back the 200,000 loan given to them by Menino and the BRA. Someone should check to see if the loan was ever repaid to the taxpayers.

"I have a dream...

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...that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." MLK would be appalled at this racist news paper.

He would push for the best person to get the job - regardless of the color of their skin. Both blacks and whites still have a LONG way to go to live up to the vision he set for America 50 years ago.

That won't help

Beyond being an offensive request, it wouldn't help.

Presumably, their goal to get Ms. Golar-Ritchie into the final.

Add up all the votes Yancey, Clemons, and Wyatt are going to get and ... you're still 12,000-15,000 votes short.

Now, if they're asking Mr. Barros and Mr. Arroyo to step down for the greater good, that might help.

It would

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Considering Felix Arroyo has a far better shot at getting the votes citywide he needs to get through the primary then Golar does. It would work.

Far better if she were to acknowledge she has no message and has run an ineffective campaign and drop out herself.

Out of all the candidates of color Felix is the only one who has a real chance of pulling this out.

how is arroyo a candidate of color?

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My ancestors are almost all german and my skin tone is almost the same as his.

more importantly why does this matter. Everyone voting based on candidate's skin color rise your hand.

That's what I thought.

Racial vs. ethnic minority

I don't know but how come the Banner's publisher calls Mr. Arroyo a "racial minority"? I thought it was accurate to call those of Hispanic background an "ethnic" group.

How you classify people

Does Mr. Arroyo identify himself as Black Hispanic?

There's your answer.

People self identify. Period.

The US census classifies "Hispanic" separately from race, but aggregations typically group "White and Hispanic", "Black and Hispanic", "non-Hispanic white", etc.

Again, self-identified.

Felix Arroyo

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is not black [African descent]. He is no more a 'racial minority' than ANY other American. Neither is he an 'ethnic minority', given THERE IS NO MAJORITY ETHNICITY aside from being just simply American. A person of Italian, Irish or German descent could just as legitimately claim to be an 'ethnic minority' as Felix Arroyo or any 'Hispanic'.

And as a society we need to stop referring to 'Hispanic' as a race or as a 'minority', and certainly 'Hispanics' aren't 'oppressed'. You can legitimately refer to people of sub-Saharan African descent [black] as minorities in relation to their 'race', since obviously they are not the majority 'race' in the country. You can say likewise for Asians. And there are religious minorities [assuming Christians are massed together as one group], such as Jews, Muslims, Atheists, etc., There are also so-called sexual minorities, such as homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, etc., As for gender, MALES are the minority gender. FEMALES ARE NOT A MINORITY.

Of all these so-called minority groups, ONLY ONE is legitimately oppressed and treated less than equal BY LAW: Homosexuals. Black folks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Jews, females, etc., ARE NOT 'oppressed' and ARE NOT treated less equally under the law, IN FACT some 'minorities receive BETTER THAN EQUAL treatment under the law and have over the past 40-50 years. On the other hand, non 'minority' males are in fact treated less than equal under the law and have various laws that actively discriminate against them in favor of others. So, if there's one type of individual who is genuinely treated less than equal and unfairly under our laws it would be a white homosexual male.

How is this not blatantly

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How is this not blatantly racist? Believing an ethnic group must all think alike is so 1950s backwater bedsheetville it isn't funny.

That's just plain bullshit.

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That's just plain bullshit. Every candidate has equal opportunity to be the best one , based on each's individual merits. If the goal is just to get a candidate elected based on race , then that just makes a mockery of all the affirmative actions that have been orchestrated on the taxpayers, especially the busing. Time to stand on your own qualifications, the playing field has been leveled. Rights bring responsibilities, its time to pay the bill.


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We are not truly in a post-modern society and people could have very good reasons to make a person's shared ethnicity/race/gender a reason to vote for somebody. Not the only reason, but if two candidates are equal, then, yes.

'' make a person's shared

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'' make a person's shared ethnicity/race/gender a reason to '' If you do that in hiring , or renting , its a no -no. Live in a neighborhood to send your children to the local school, cant do that either. You cant have your cake and eat it too, my man.