Election roundup: Linehan denies he's a dinosaur; Connolly finally gets an endorsement from an opponent

District 2 (South Boston, South End, downtown, Chinatown), incumbent City Councilor Bill Linehan is shocked almost beyond belief about a mailing from opponent Suzanne Lee, which includes a snippet from a column in which the Globe's Yvonne Abraham called him a dinosaur.

In a statement reminiscent of the time mayoral candidate Ray Flynn accused an opponent of calling him "a lizard," Linehan demands an apology, because he is not a dinosaur:

With just a few days to go in the race, my opponent has chosen to attack me instead of telling the voters what she will do to improve their future. The fact is that my opponent has no plan for the future of District 2. This attack ad is shameful and candidate Lee should apologize and focus on the issues instead of slinging mud. I have always treated my opponent with respect and will not sink to that level.

The progressive political machine behind Suzanne Lee is in a desperate situation right now and it has decided to take common decency off the table during the final days of the campaign.

Meanwhile, John Connolly is boasting of the endorsement by Charles Clemons, who came in way down in the pack of 12 people who ran for mayor in the preliminary eleciton in September:

I am honored to have the endorsement of Charles Clemons, a man who has done so much -- as a community leader, as a business owner, as a police officer, and as a candidate -- to make Boston a better place. I am especially proud of this endorsement because Charles is an independent voice who is not afraid to speak the truth.

Walsh has been endorsed by former candidates Charlotte Golar Richie, Felix Arroyo and John Barros.



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    Dinosaur better than a progressive nutjob.

    Only a progressive nut job like Suzanne Lee who is totally devoid of any common sense and would not know reality if it bit her on the butt would consider a hard working neighborhood guy a dinosaur. Lee is a fruitcake who never worked a real job in her life and actually believes that her ideas have any relevance whatsoever to real life. Linehan has been a full time councilor since 2007. He's not a no show attorney like so many others at City Hall and the State House. The guy works, day and night and delivers constituent services to every part of District 2. It should come as no surprise that Lee, who pals around with the even bigger nut job, Joanne McDermott from Southie, has decided to start the name calling since she has no record of achievement that can stand up to any type of scrutiny.


    Not the biggest fan of Lynch...

    ...but it is ridiculous to call him a Republican. Even on certain social issues where he previously leaned right, he has been moderating his position.

    Zero from the American Conservative Union: http://votesmart.org/interest-group/1481/rating/5397

    80% from Americans for Democratic Action: http://votesmart.org/interest-group/978/rating/6833

    Not even remotely the profile of a Republican. By comparison, the most "moderate" GOP senator, Susan Collins of Maine got a 20% from the ACU and 50% from the ADA.


    Anyone that isn't 100% in

    Anyone that isn't 100% in lockstep voting like a zombie for whatever the national Democratic party wants = DINO to SwirlyGrrl. Heaven forbid someone actually represent their constituent's wishes and what's best for their state rather than play the good little lap dog to some party leadership hundreds of miles away in Washington.


    DINOs and RINOs

    Geez, guy, what do you want? Variations in the membership of the parties? People actually thinking about issues? No, obviously it is better to have a Democratic Party full of socialists supporting hedonism as public policy and a Republican Party full of tea partiers who only want the government to invade countries and impose a Christian fundamentalist world view on a citizenry impoverished by large corporations.

    (of course, I'm joking)


    I'm sorry

    But demanding that many massachusetts families be destroyed because your "contituents want that" is NOT "in the best interest of the state".

    Nor is it fair. Nor is it constitutionally appropriate. Nor is it right.

    Lynchie and Donato and Linehan need to keep their Catholicism OUT OF THEIR WORK. Period.



    Another Newbie, albeit from Brookline, trying to tell the people of Ward 2 what's good for you. I get a kick out of these socialists. I wonder how many Citizen Connects complaints she has put in.


    Lee a bigot

    Lee doesn't hide her contempt for the people of south boston well. She runs around other parts of the district calling us racists and bigots. She built that image through the Globe and her friends in Brookline where she is from. She only moved to Chinatown 3 years ago specifically to run for this seat. But then shows up in Southie talking this "bringing people together message ". She's an absolute phony and she will lose Tuesday because of it. And having Joanne McDevitt by her side is a mistake. Haven't met one person in Southie who likes that woman.



    "Brookline where she is from.."

    That is what we need. We need new, outside blood in the city. Enough of the life long townies....

    With the right leadership Boston has can be just as good if not greater than San Fran, NYC, LA, DC.

    Go NEW BOSTON! Bye, Bye Dinosaurs!


    Yeah! Lousy townies!

    Who built this town and paid for their houses in Southie in the 70's and now don't do a fucking thing to them besides collect the exorbitant rents they charge people like you, while they leave in Reading now, in the house whose property taxes are paid for by you! Asshole, stupid townies!


    Bill Linehan attends EVERY neighborhood meeting,listens and acts upon what direction his constituents want him to take on development,crime and human service issues. City council is not about liberal or conservative politics, it is about who can provide services to the district and city they represent. Never saw or heard from his opponent on any of the crisis events that we have endured these past few years. Our neighborhood is changing and sadly South End South Boston, Chinatown,will never be the home of our children. "Townies" and our new neighbors need action and response and results to neighborhood concerns. I'll take the dinosaur over the carpetbagger.



    It really is frightening reading some of these comments - and realizing they are probably coming from campaign workers. You are not doing Linehan any favors by posting these vicious, hateful comments. Linehan is already on the hot seat for releasing a public statement attacking a private citizen who happens to work for Lee's campaign. And he calls this attack shameful? Many in the community know Joanne McDevitt well. They are also very fond of Joanne and her tireless efforts to make all of South Boston a better place to live, for both long time and new residents. And, say what you will about Suzanne Lee, many in the community, including born and raised Southie residents, happen to like her also.


    Lee and McDevitte: 2 of a kind..

    Wrong on both counts. Never met anyone in South Boston who likes Joanne McDevitte and Suzanne Lee is a notorious South Boston hater. She makes those anti Southie feelings known in every other part of the District 2. Does she think the word doesn't get back to people in Southie?