End of an era in Allston

A completely abandoned Beacon Park railyard, shot from the air. Harvard is now free to just let it moulder for another 50 years.



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It's been like that most of the time for the past couple of weeks. It's kind of eerie, but given what a bad neighbor Beacon Park has been for decades, I can't feel all that nostalgic.


Yes, they were difficult. I remember the fight to get them to stop running their locomotives all night. Finally the EPA forced them to stop.

The dream....

A West Station with bona fide high speed rail over the Inland Route to NYC, Springfield, Pittsfield and Albany (with connections from there to Montreal, since NH seems to not want any part of the more direct route) and a major connection for an RER-like train from 128 to West Station (stops along the way), then over the Grand Junction and into Cambridge with connections to the red line, and North Station. Transit-oriented developments and improvements that connect Longwood, BU, MIT, Kendall and Harvard's Cambridge assets. Improvements to the riverfront for recreation.

Oh, what could be....

Wrong Direction

So sad.

When the whole country, and especially this city should be increasing freight rail connections, they do the opposite. First the old B+O yard went down, now Beacon Park.

Moving operations to Worcester is not helpful, because much of the freight still needs to get to/from Boston. Hope everyone likes hundreds of extra trucks on the road. But I suppose it was inevitable, since Boston is a paltry excuse of the port town it used to be. There used to be freight trains going right to the waterfront, but now it's all lost to history.

The trucks were on the road either way

Beacon Park was an intermodal terminal, so they dispatched trucks from the yard. Whether the trucks are based in Worcester or in Allston doesn't make much of a difference to shipments from thousands of miles away (over land), for which intermodal freight rail shipping is king.

What does make a difference is the 2nd track and plenty of slots opened up for increased service on the Framingham/Worcester line and who knows, maybe even a frequent Newton/Brighton/Downtown shuttle.