Enough with this Dream On crap already

The legislature's Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight holds a hearing tomorrow on whether to make "Roadrunner" the official state rock song. About time for this paean to the joys of driving around the Boston area with the radio on, except apparently some of the legislature's lesser lights are still pushing "Dream On," a song that has absolutely nothing at all to do with Massachusetts, except maybe for that time last year when it resulted in Comm. Ave. being shut down.

Making the case for Roadrunner, we hope, will be still-state Rep. Marty Walsh, who introduced the bill to honor the song before he started running for mayor.



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    Better yet, imagine if the

    Better yet, imagine if the state's politicians worked on an initiative that actually mattered, rather than this "state rock song" B.S. that has no effect on the happiness and well-being of the commonwealth.

    Yeah, But...

    I too would rather them fix the finances of the T or work on revamping procurement policies so that we don't have the same horrible contractors continuously winning bids for billon dollar projects.

    But short of them doing useful things like that I'd at least rather they do things that don't cost the state anything, or create opportunities for graft, etc. And making the terrific song Roadrunner the state song meets my requirement of not moving the state backwards.


    Not the screechy grandma song!

    "Dream On" wore out its welcome 30 years ago and lyrically has zero to do with the Commonwealth. "Roadrunner" kicks it to the curb (and then curbs it) as a state song. You may think our political leaders should focus on other priorities, but I would like them to get this right, as I don't need to hear that screaming hobo grandma (http://gofugyourself.com/casual-fuggerday-steven-tyler-11-2013) ever again, let alone at ball games and state functions.


    I like Slapshot (and old Boston hardcore in general), but...

    ...do you have any suggestions for a Slapshot track that would make sense as a state song? Somehow, I don't think your average citizen can relate to or sing along with "Old Tyme Hardcore" nearly as well as "Roadrunner". The universal nature of the experience it evokes combined with its very specific local flavor (to say nothing of its hummability) are what make it a great state song candidate.


    I'd just as soon have the Coyote go ahead and eat the Roadrunner. If we're picking a state Looney Tunes character, I say let's show MA's hi-tech and futuristic creds, and go with Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half CENTURY!!