Even insane Bostonians have their limits

Empty City Hall Plaza

It might strike an outsider as somewhat odd that Boston holds a steaming-hot chowder festival as part of its July 4th celebrations rather than in, say, November. This year, with temperatures and humidity both approaching triple digits, many Bostonians found it odd as well - the usually packed City Hall Plaza was pretty empty today when we visited the Chowderfest (yes, we are among those insane Bostonians). At one booth, one of the servers joked "Ice-cold chowda heah!"



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The city was really quiet

One of the topics of conversation around the Back Bay has been how very quiet and empty the area has been all month. Since the 3rd, there have been empty resident parking spaces everywhere. The parks are not crowded with plenty of free bench space.

I've also noticed more restaurants taking time off for vacation or refurbishing. Mid June can sometimes be this quiet but I can't recall a quieter July 4th week.

And, perhaps we are reaching a saturation point with events.

Noticed the same things

And also agree that the city, especially Back Bay area, has reached a saturation regarding 'events'. EVERY weekend there's some kind of event, some 'run', etc. It's become ridiculous.

The heat has also been bad. We've had very hot weather now for going on two weeks.

No complaints from me. I wish it was even more dead. It's a nice change of pace.

Anyone who's anyone

spent the Fourth on the Cape.

Otherwise known as my favorite day to hit up Revere Beach. Nice and quiet over there on the Fourth, in general, because everyone went somewhere nicer.


Agree with the 4/5 day weekend syndrome. Was kind of nice not having the city overly crowded. Might have lead to the "fewer people at the esplanade' as well.

As for the chowderfest - it wasn't only hot and long weekend - it's not cheap any more. $13 now to get in, and there seemed to be fewer vendors. There were what - 4-5 vendors this year, vs 10-12 in years past...