Fall Out Boy had better stay out of Boston parks

The Boston Parks and Recreation Commission decided yesterday you can no longer light 'em up, up, up in city parks and playgrounds.

In a unanimous vote, the commission set a $250 fine for anybody caught lighting up a cigarette or other inhalable substances. Although the ordinance, also approved by Mayor Menino and the city council, goes into effect immediately, city officials will hold off actual enforcement until after a public-education drive in the new year.

The amendment to City of Boston Municipal Code, Ordinance 7-4.14, prohibits the smoking of tobacco, marijuana, or any other material on properties controlled by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.



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Another foolish law

The city has again passed an enforceable regulation. Is it really the best use of police resources to chase down smokers? We increasing live in a nanny state where we pass feel good laws that have no benefit. The health effects of second hand smoke in an open air environment have never been proven. If we are concerned about the fact that the smell is offensive than we need to ban a host of other things; onions, egg salad , strong cheese.e


How is this law enforceable?

How is this law enforceable? Someone is ticketed..... but doesn't bother to pay the fine. What is the process to connect the outstanding fine with a method of enforcing payment. There isn't one and for that reason alone it is a waste of police time.
Plus, I wonder if it is legal to ticket someone for medical marijuana use; plus, plus how about e-cigarettes... there is no combustion.

new signs are needed in city parks

No smoking
No drugs
No public sex
No sleeping
No guns
No dogs without a leash
No feeding the birds
No public bathing
No skateboarding
No liquor

On the first day of the new year all these rules will be violated except for feeding the birds who have flown south for the winter.