Fenway to get Wegmans

The Herald reports the supermarket chain will open up shop in Landmark Center.



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Star Market

There's already a Star Market directly across the street. Now there will be two supermarkets literally within a few yards of each other. Meanwhile, there are parts of town, i.e. Downtown Crossing (and elsewhere) that could sorely use a supermarket.

grocery stores in Fenway

Whoever said:

"The Whole Foods used to be a Johnnies Fresh Market. Not really a new market as much as a different chain."

must have never shopped in both Johnnie's and Whole Foods Market. While it is true that they are both chain grocery stores, the resemblance stops there. Johnnie's was a slightly seedy chain slowly going under. WFM is part of the largest natural foods market in the country. The emphasis in each store is locally sourced foodstuff, organic when possible, but everything has to meet rigorous standards.

So as you can see, it really is a whole new store going in. I'm really curious to see Wegman's. I hear fabulous things about them.

I've observed similar

I've observed similar outpourings of fanatical obsession over Wegmans from NY'ers. Bizarre. Can't say I'll rush to check it out however... location is too far out of the way for walking.

School a sweet thought, not going to happen

Shaw's will give in to the upscaling of the neighborhood with it's real estate returning more than the supermarket. Samuels will purchase Shaw's plot and the adjacent gas station facing the $93 million Muddy River Restoration Project.

He will promptly add to the Boylston Street urban development with mixed residential and retail on that corner, less than a five minute walk from the new $32 million MBTA Yawkey Commuter Rail Station.

It's all part of the Master Plan, written or not.

A one story building on

A one story building on Boylston Street is a waste of space. Integrating a school into a new building on Boylston would take up prime retail space too. Now turning the Shaw's lower parking lot looking at the Fens/Emanuel College into a 5 story school building could be a good idea. Even better if it takes over the decrepit Gulf station too.