Finally: A beer Dot rats can call their own

Dot Rat introduces us to the Percival Beer Co., which is based in Dorchester and which currently has two products: "A Cape Verdean inspired lager called Kompadre and Dot Ale 1630:"

Dot is saturated with a strong aroma of pride and its residents have a welcoming, but rigid attitude. Come and visit our growing neighborhood and share in the good times with a pint of Dot Ale 1630.



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Oh god, I went bowling one

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Oh god, I went bowling one night and drank some Deadwood. Really really bad.

Mad Jack Brand

Hey. Funny you mentioned Mad Jack. PBC is in the process of developing a dedication brand for John "Mad Jack" Percival. It probably won't be available until late fall. I agree, Mad Jack has a great background and overall story. We were looking at an IPA or Stout, but a Cider is interesting. We will release various proofs of the label in coming months. Hoping fans can help finalize the design and provide some feedback on what type of beer should hold the name Mad Jack. Check out this awesome song on YouTube for Mad Jack:

Sipping one right

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Sipping one right now....really nice summer ale. I will be trying Kompadre this weekend.