Finally, no more annoying condom runs to the store for busy Allstonians

Foodler now offers hard-partying Allston residents condoms for delivery right to their door. Also: beer-pong supplies, 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., daily.

H/t Riptor.



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    Different company

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    For that, you'd have to hire somebody from Task Rabbit.

    You're not joking

    I now avoid places who deliver through them, Night Owl, and Grubhub. If I want food from a place, and want it at home, I just go there and pick it up now.

    Thought I was the only one who they aggravated.

    You do realise foodler and

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    You do realise foodler and grubhub are websites of menus which do no more than fax your order to the resturant, process your payment, and take a cut, right? The actual resturants do the delivery.

    The exceptions are the "via mixmenu" or "via nightowl" options, which are third party independant delivery contractors that go to resturants that don't offer their own delivery services and take yet another cut to bring you your food. Obviously when you have a third party working with another third party working with a resturant that typically doesn't do deliveries things get messed up. I guess the trade off is you normally wouldn't get delivery from them at all, so its better late then never? Personally I will never order if either of them is delivering my food because as others have said, they are always late and have little to no customer service.

    To reiterate: other then processing the actual order of your food, foodler and grubhub have absolutly nothing to do with delivering your food. Once you click pay its all in the resturants hands.

    Another important thing to remeber when using these services: its one way communication. If the resturant had two drivers call out and is super busy for no reason foodler doesn't care and will keep sending orders. Grubhub is slightly better as they let the resturant guestimate the time it should take to process the order while foodler just uses a preselected time, but either way if you want an accurate estimate of how long it will take you to get your food call the resturant. They will also then get 100% of your money then instead of a percentage going to foodler/grubhub.

    Still not worth the time

    I have much better results going right to the restaurant. I had the hardest time getting stuff through them from Cheesecake Factory. Foodler will not allow you to order any of the special drinks from Cheesecake Factory, and they also truncate menus for many other "higher end" restaurants.

    I don't care who the driver is. These services are in need of improvement.

    I'm trying to think

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    of any part of Allston that's more than a 5 minute walk from a store that sells condoms.

    I can't think of one.