Finally, our newscopters get to chase a white SUV

No, OJ hasn't escaped and fled to Boston. Instead, our local action news units are busy chasing Aaron Hernandez in his white SUV in the greater North Attleborough/Foxborough area. Sox on the Brain reports:

Channel 7 just interrupted its own news report to show the white SUV in motion.

NECN posts an exclusive photo of the ten reporters not covering the Bulger trial swarming Hernandez at a gas station, demanding to know where he's going.

UPDATE: Fox 25's Live Sky Eye in the Sky Action Breaking Mobile News Copter has spotted Hernandez driving around Jamaica Pond! Bostonians, get off the roads now!



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What a joke!!!

How long are they going to follow him around? It not like he is on the run or there is a warrant out for him. They keep breaking in to show him running errands! He went to work Oh no breaking News! Give me a break.


That explains the helicopter flying low over the JP VA Hospital...

But If he's not running from police (he stopped at a gas station just fine, so I assume no persuit), then why is he being chased by media?

He's a player for the

He's a player for the Patriots. There's a murder investigation into the death of an acquaintance of his which has involved him. Rumor has it that the cops are planning to charge him with something related to the crime.


Ordinarily I'd agree that people should just fucking google it, but in this particular instance it was helpful for the rest of us who've never heard of him.

Or, yanno, Adam could remember back to journalism 101 and how you're supposed to tell people what the hell you're talking about. ;-)

(Hey, isn't one of the reasons we come to this site that we don't have attention spans and want a one-paragraph blurb?)

But to the Fox''s credit ,

But to the Fox''s credit , they have the best reporter , Catherine Parrotta , who always lets you know who , when , and where . As the dude used to say to Seinfeld , the best , Jerry , the best. Plus she is kind on the eyes as well.

Boy he is going to be missed

Boy he is going to be missed now , with Gronk out of commission and his shelf date rapidly expiring by multiple injuries, and now Hernandez just about cashed out one way or another . Brady will be eating a lot of pigskin searching for a worthy target.

I wondered what the helicopters were overhead...

I could hear it all afternoon from my office in Boston. I wondered if someone important died, or if Obama was in town. Can't believe it was to follow a person who is NOT a suspect and is NOT even a POI do his errands. Unbelievable. And I love how the Globe is covering it and talking about "the media" swarming him as if they AREN'T the media? They followed him the entire time as well, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to report as many details as they did. It sounds like "the media" became the paparazzi today. Let the guy go about his business and let the police do their job.