Fire burns through Mass. Ave. roof deck

492 Mass. Ave. fire. Photo by Dave Manley.492 Mass. Ave. fire. Photo by Dave Manley.

A roof-deck fire atop the seven-story 492 Mass. Ave. quickly went to two alarms after it broke out shortly before 9 p.m. The fire was declared knocked down at 9:04 p.m.

UPDATE: The Boston Fire Department reports the fire started with an illegal charcoal grill and did an estimated $200,000 in damage. "As we do many, many times; a reminder that grills in Boston are not allowed on roof decks."

The street scene. Photo by MNThe street scene. Photo by MN.

492 Mass. Ave. Photo by Ryan FoxFire could be seen at some distance. Photo by Ryan Fox.



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    Impressive response from the cops and firefighters!

    Bet my last dollar

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    the BFD will list the cause of this fire as Yupster grilling or smoking on the deck.

    Not Yuppies?

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    What were they? Gangbangers?

    Hope the guy who started the

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    Hope the guy who started the fire with his illegal rooftop grilling pays for the damages. Unfortunately, usually everyone has to pay as a result of one moron's selfish decision.

    I remember when a fire like

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    I remember when a fire like this started in North Brighton. There was a lot of outrage. Yet walk down any alley in the South End and you'll see dozens of decks with illegal barbecues, both charcoal and gas.

    Ooh, love it when the

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    Ooh, love it when the sidewalk smokers start up (though, I wouldn't necessarily like it if it were right next to my house.) If you walk by with some beer, you are suddenly part of the family. Love how that works!