Fire chief who threatened to sue deputies quits

AbrairaThe Boston Fire Department announced today that Steve Abraira is quitting as the city's top uniformed fire chief on Friday, following an increasingly public dispute with all of his deputies on whether or not he should have shown up at certain large events, such as Boylston Street after the bombings.

Commissioner Rod Fraser has appointed Chief of Operations John Hasson, a 40-year veteran, as acting chief to replace Abraira, who came to Boston from Dallas in 2011.


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If he was sincere

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He should have stuck it out. I'm not impressed by the fact he just quit. Did he think it was going to be a bed of roses?

that explains why the district chiefs were at JP

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the JP firehouse had every single bay blocked by a district chief's car late this morning. They're too lazy to drive around back behind the station house, so their drivers have to sit in the cars. Which are all left idling.

Also passed some EMS "command" staff; went into the local pizza joint, illegally parked their huge SUV, and left it running with nobody inside.

Nothing like having a health-conscious agency with morbidly-obese command staff who leave their vehicles idling for no good reason, contributing to urban smog!

And no, leaving fire trucks and ambulances idling is NOT legal (go check the law), nor is it "for reliability" - it's been decades since carb flooding (which was the reason emergency responders left their vehicles idling) has been a concern.


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I don't know about being legal or not, but these vehicles are left running because of all the computer equipment in them. If they turn off the vehicle they have to shut down all the computers or the battery will drain. The only time they are shut off is in the station and the vehicles are plugged into a charging system to keep the computers running and the battery from draining.


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Part of the reason for idling EMS vehicles is because of the computer system but also for patient care-

-The rear patient compartment has to be kept at a certain temperature during the cold and hot months. This can only be done by leaving the vehicle idling.

-Parking illegally is also something that is acceptable and also related to responding to an Emergency. They have to eat, drink and use the facilities but to find a 'legal' spot to park to do these things would add on to their response time to an Emergency. Minutes count.

So, unless you know the workings of any 911 response vehicles, maybe you shouldn't be throwing your thoughts out there with out doing your homework.

Just sayin......

You again. Every time

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You again. Every time something comes up about the fire department, you complain about the idling vehicles at the JP firehouse. Once and for all, the computer, flashlight, radios, etc. will drain the batteries and the vehicle may not restart. They are plugged in on a trickle charge when they are in the firehouse. Maybe you simply could have asked the firefighters or EMT's why they do this or is it easier for you to insult them anonymously. I would call what you do morbidly obtuse.


does the web page layout for CBS Local needs to resign as well. That looks so trashy and not like an actual news station should look.