Fire damages house on Ashford Street in Allston

Ashford Street. Photo by Eric Hutchinson.Ashford Street scene. Photo by Eric Hutchinson.

A fire at 26 Ashford St. was reported shortly before 11 p.m. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the first floor and declared it knocked down not long after they arrived. The cause remains under investigation.

The American Red Cross reports six residents were forced out by the fire.

Hutchinson reminds us that the house is next door to the infamous condiment frat.



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    Unfortunate Circumstance

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    I don't feel like the situation of the "infamous condiment fraternity" need to be brought up at all. Those boys clearly don't live there anymore. I even saw the current tenants, a group of female students, handing out ice pops to the firemen.

    thank you neighbor for the

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    thank you neighbor for the comment , we have nothing to do with the frat thing and I don't know why they are even bringing that up

    Yes, how is this relevant?

    I admit that I never pass 24 Ashford, surrounded by that gigantic and ugly "privacy fence," without thinking of Condiment Frat. But those tenants are long gone, and in any case it's unclear what bearing that history has to do with a fire at 24.