Forget the turkeys: One Brookline street terrorized by a golden retriever



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    Could use more effort.

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    Now, were I going to the trouble of reporting this, I'd at least describe the critter in question as a rabid blond wolf or something. C'mon.

    Dog Jerks

    Mostly, it is less the dog and more the owner who puts the dog out to run around off leash (every body sing "I only turned my back for ONE MINUTE ...")

    Golden Retrievers

    I read up on a study -- I forget where exactly, so no cites, sorry -- that golden retrievers are more likely to bite (in a vicious manner) than any other dog breed, including 'pit bull' breeds.

    True story

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    When I was in middle school, the back carpool loop was terrorized by an attack chihuahua. He'd crawl under a gap in his yard's fence and come out attacking kids and parents getting picked up from school.

    Nasty little dog!