Four-alarm fire destroys Lynn apartment building, forces at least 41 people out

Kevin Wiles posts photos from the overnight fire on Lewis Street. The Red Cross reports the nearby Brickett Elementary School was opened as a shelter for the residents.



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    Holy Crap

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    that building housed 40+ people!


    They may be all legal apartments

    Each housing one family per bedroom. Or eight people who sleep and work in shifts.

    When I did some housing maps of Lowell using census data, the low-income neighborhoods that were close to large employers had very high numbers of people per apartment. That's because they were housing immigrants who were packing in to save money.

    If this was an eight unit building, then that would mean five people per unit - not so much even for nuclear or slightly extended family groups.

    The building had 25

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    The building had 25 apartments - its actually a very large building - do the math idiot!