Smoker blamed for four-alarm fire in Dorchester that displaced 14, spread to neighboring building

Fire at 46 Colonial Ave. in Dorchester.

46 Colonial Ave. Photo by BFD.

UPDATE: Fire officials blame "careless disposal of a cigarette" on a first-floor porch.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters rushed to 46 Colonial Ave. around 1:40 a.m. for a fire that eventually went to four alarms and consumed parts of each of the building's three floors - and part of the exterior of the neighboring 42 Colonial Ave.

No residents were injured, but three firefighters were sent to the hospital, one with a shoulder injury, one with an ankle injury and one with a knee injury, the department says.

The American Red Cross reports 14 people were displaced, including residents of the neighboring building. The department estimates damage to 46 Colonial at $350,0000 and to 42 Colonial at $50,000.




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Fire victim

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Happy holidays I really don't know whom to contact on November
3rd my apt caught on fire my management put my 4 children and myselfI up in a hotel for to weeks as my new unit was being ready new apartment fell thru the management raised rent extra $200 I lthen became completely homeless place in a shelter in shrewsbury ma for 2wks and 4 days. My children couldn't attended school because there aren't any commuter rails or sidewalks to walk anywhere on the ma turnpike. I stayed in boston 4 nights and found my unit Moved in on the 12th of December my children and I are truly blessed and great-full to be in our new home for the holiday. We are sleeping on the floor with air mattresses and are content
I am so greet cup that my children and I are safe and unharmed as they are my complete world. I would like to thank the fire department and the Red Cross for all of their support. As I sit and thank I wondering what I should be doing next and I'm lost as everything I ever owned in my 38 yrs of living is completely gone my 17 yr olds first tooth school papers baby blankets are all completely gone

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