Four days in a row with E Line disruptions

Today marked the fourth day in a row where the E Line was truncated from Heath St to Brigham Circle.

There was no warning for waiting passengers on Tuesday the 25th. There was "gridlock traffic" on Wednesday the 26th -- from 11:00am to 8:30pm -- which meant no trains could venture beyond Brigham Circle. The following day, Thursday the 27th, construction had allegedly truncated the line at about 11:30am and continued until shortly after 5:00pm. Finally, today, Friday the 28th, a severe auto accident at 9:00am marked the start of Brigham Circle short turns. Today's truncation of the E Line is still in effect as of 10:30pm.

Earlier today, @BostonScott1090 tweeted:

Another day of no traffic on Huntington & South Huntington Ave with no construction vehicles in sight but still no green line. #MBTA lies.

And on the 27th, when "gridlock traffic" was plaguing Huntington Avenue:

There is literally no traffic on Huntington & South Huntington between Brigham Circle & Heath St. So why is @mbtaGM lying to riders?

Anyone for a game of Heath St Shutdown Bingo? Tomorrow's excuse is anyone's guess!



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    It took 15-20 mins to get an

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    It took 15-20 mins to get an E train from Park Street (Outbound) Tuesday and Wednesday (as a matter of fact, 2 E trains got to Park Street right after one another). Both of these days, they took each of these E trains out of service at Brigham Circle. No traffic whatsoever.

    Stop letting somebody

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    (i.e. MBTA management) not do something (run streetcar service past Brigham Circle) just because they don't want to do it.

    Car accident (one day's "E"xcuse) is one thing. But isn't construction a planned event that the passengers should be notified of in advance?

    T-Alert Theory

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    I figure they have about 5 canned excuses, and who ever is responsible that day just tries to make sure they don't use the same one twice in a row. "Wait, didn't we just use a medical emergency? Better go for traffic this time..."

    At least they try with the trains. Buses are always "due to heavy traffic" because traffic is completely unpredictable in this town and how were they to know that Brookline Ave always locks up around rush hour?

    I rest my case

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    Green Line E branch diverted due to concert event at City Hall. E-Line service will terminate at Brigham Circle. Please use rt#39 bus service between Heath Street and Brigham Circle.

    Last updated: Jun 30 2013 5:07 PM