Fowl weather in Harvard Square

Harvard Square turkey

Bobbi Fox reports a turkey was perched outside the Dunkin' Donuts at Eliot and JFK this morning.



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Too many Turkeys

I watched one saunter across Mt. Auburn St near Harvard Sq like he owned the road. Of course everyone stopped and traffic got backed up all all around the square for blocks. We have enough turkeys in Cambridge already though most of them know enough to get out of street.

Natural predators

Other than cars, is there anything controlling these urban turkey populations? I mean, the occasional coyote shows up and then everyone freaks out, but anything else? Unless urban coyotes have only recently become unusual/a reason to freak out, then why the [seemingly] sudden increase in turkeys?

Re: Natural predators

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Coyotes, domestic dogs, eagles, owls, and foxes will all target adult turkeys (and many smaller animals will target eggs and baby turkeys -- called poults), but humans are high on the list of turkey predators. We drove them to near extinction through hunting and destruction of natural habitat. Their population rebound in recent years is a big success story for restoration programs -- although they can be a nuisance in urban areas.

Relatively recent article on the topic here:


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This turkey has been hanging around that corner for months. You normally can find it in front of the Hong Kong restaurant greeting tourist and posing for photo's. For a turkey it is very gentle.

Turkey ninja.

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Since when you see one, of course there are one hundred more ...

Probably a scout for the

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Probably a scout for the Turkey Liberation Front preparing for operations prior to the annual day of carnage better known as Thanksgiving.

now serving

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fresh turkey sausage egg and cheese on a croissant and a LAHDGE REGULAH