Friends, co-workers seek waiter at South End restaurant who went missing Friday night


Bill McCarthy, a waiter at Giacomo's on Columbus Avenue, hasn't been seen since he left work around midnight on Friday. According to an e-mail from a friend:

No one knows if Bill took a cab home to Dorchester or where he went after he got out of work. He did not feel well and apparently did not look all that good when his shift was done.

If you see him, you can contact Boston Police detectives at 617-343-4683.



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    Such sad news

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    I remember him fondly from times he's been my waiter. I am wishing him all the best and am hopeful for a happy ending to this.

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    Rest in peace my good friend.

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    Rest in peace my good friend. The times we shared were alway fun. You will be missed young man.

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    Any updates?

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    Are there any updates regarding Mr. McCarthy? I hope I haven't missed the news, if there's been any.

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