Friends, fellow BPD officers mourn loss of Pat Rogers

Rogers, a Dorchester native and Hyde Park patrolman who gained some small fame for his role on "Boston's Finest" earlier this year, took his own life today. He'd been a Boston police officer for eight years.

Dot Rat is collecting remembrances and condolences.



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    Seems I missed this on BDC. They obviously needed the room for "New England's favorite pizza places". RIP. And the Herald seems more than preoccupied by the EXACT details on how those poor people died in Arlington.

    He seemed like a real nice

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    He seemed like a real nice guy from the show. It's always the good ones. RIP, brother. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who knew and loves him.

    Rodgers seemed like a nice man.

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    Why do young people die unexpectedly? I watched the show on TNT. Rodgers seemed like a nice man. His partner must be hurting.

    If you read that Herald

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    If you read that Herald article online, he took his own life. Whenever I hear or read in an obituary which states he or she "died unexpectantly," and at a young age, chances are it was suicide unless its otherwise mentioned, like terminal disease, car accident, or such.

    Really sad to hear about this

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    Really sad to hear about this. Pat Rogers reminded me of every wisecracking kid from Dorchester and Roxbury I knew from high school, another one of those characters whose quick wit I deeply envied. His scenes on the show with his partner were some of the most underrated "reality" TV ever shown. I'm very sorry to hear this news.

    Pat rogers rip

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    So sorry to hear of the loss of pat rogers. I am a big fan of that show and was intrigued with his personality. My condolences go out to his friends his family his police family and his partner jenn.
    Again sorry for your loss

    RIP Pat Rogers

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    RIP Brother. I wish it didn't have to end this way for you. From seeing you on the show, I know you were a hell of a copper and one hell of a person. Thoughts and prayers to his family and my brother's and sister's with BPD.