Further proof Quincy is home to the world's most stylish bicyclists

Trash Can Man

JuanJoseOle spotted this gentleman riding down Hancock Street in Quincy Center this morning, reports:

I guess he can't afford a winter hat or is hiding from someone. There was a cut out for his face with a Saran Wrap covering it.



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This is further evidence that bikers are just plain ODD!

You say odd ...

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I'd call that resourceful.

Does he make robot or dalek noises as he rides along?


Are we supposed to be able to see something in this photo? I guess we can take JuanJoseOle's word for it about the Saran Wrap, but I can't make out any details at all.


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Still cannot see a thing.

This is a horrible quality

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This is a horrible quality photo. Can Juan not afford a good camera? Maybe there is Saran Wrap covering the lens?

Da Troof!

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There's a dude in Quincy who rides around with a large and colorful parrot.

Quincy's got mad style, yo.