Geek Squad to Forest Hills, stat!

BSOD at Forest Hills.

This was the tragic scene at the armored Best Buy machine at Forest Hills Sunday afternoon. Joe D., who came up with the headline, reports it was still like that this morning. Aaron Gallo, meanwhile, discovered the same problem at Back Bay.



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It good to see the commuters at Forest Hills are so civilized that Best Buy had to install steel doors to protect their products. This country is undoubtedly going in the right direction.


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All are! Except, i think South Station.

Check again

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It's right next to the Cambridge Housing Authority's gigantic high-rise apartment blocks.

Inevitably, when you go with

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Inevitably, when you go with the lowest bidder, and do not pay for 24/7 support, the Blue Screen of Death will show it's ugly face.

Have you tried to turn it off and turn it back on again?

Turning off the TV wouldn't

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Turning off the TV wouldn't help. You'd need to reboot whatever computer is feeding it.

The Alewife machine has the same problem. So it's probably a single computer that feeds all of these machines.

The one in the hall way

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The one in the hall way (toward the CC store) at Downtown Crossing has been that way every time I go by it (once every couple weeks). I am not sure if it was ever fixed or if it keeps breaking. The buying control panel seems to work just fine though, I honestly don't know what this screen shows other than a nice Windows Blue Screen of Death.