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The beleaguered Hub tabloid continues to schadenfreude it up with today's epic adjectivally rich broadside at its competing broadsheet that ends with a quote from would-be publisher Ernie Boch Jr:

I feel it has lost its way over the last few years. I feel I have the right recipe to put it back on track.

Sadly, the little tabloid that could ran out of space before it could explain what his recipe is. Maybe in tomorrow's installment.



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What would the Herald cover if the Globe disapeared

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Since approximately 25% of the Herald is filled with stories/rants about the Globe, I think the Herald would be the biggest loser in the Globe failing. The Herald is a lot like the GOP, they whine and scream about how important it is that there be more than one option (true) but offer such a useless, simplistic, hate filled one that they are irrelevant.

I think you really are right.

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The Herald has a parasitical relationship to the Globe, and the parasite is now talking shit because it outlived it's host.

Let's examine Howie Carr. The end of his print medium is on the horizon. Local conservative talk radio is circling the drain. Even his old standby of writing about Whitey will be usurped by the real deal.


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Maybe it will involve a Ferrari.

"everything you're looking for????"

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As long as we don't have to endure another slew of vanity theme songs with Ernie's name all over them. UGH!!!!! (I'm sorry, but it's one thing to advertise your product, it's quite another to have your full name sung over and over and over and over again in a jingle. Too narcissistic for me.)

I think if Ernie buys the Globe, I might have to start reading the Herald. ;-)

Maybe I'm misreading you, but

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Maybe I'm misreading you, but are you saying that Globe writers/readers had a burning hate against the Herald? I've never gotten that feeling, whereas the opposite was astoundingly true.

I think hate is too strong of

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I think hate is too strong of a word, but as a 30+ year Globe subscriber I have noticed the Globes kind of snotty attitude toward the Herald. I've said it before, we are fortunate for a two paper town. They each cover stories the other doesn't. And as far as editorials, it's nice to have opposing views, I for one would hate just one side of a story. They do speak to two different audiences, but that's not a bad thing.

And I do agree with Boch, even my 90+ yr old mom (70 yr Globe subscriber) had noticed the past couple of years a more left leaning tilt to the Globe. That's OK if that's what you want...but it shouldn't be bad to point it out, either.

Am I the only one that never liked the format?

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I mean the way the Globe was folded as opposed the the way the Herald is folded. The Globe always felt like I was unwrapping something whereas the Herald is like flipping through a large book. After reading the Globe is was always a mess on the floor.

I'm sure that's the main reason for the Globe's problems.