Globe Direct continues to suck

Another one of Globe Direct's pink dog-poop bags showed up on our porch this morning, several weeks after they first told me they would stop and two weeks after I first wrote "Globe Direct sucks" and they said they would stop. Maybe if we actually had a dog, these bags would prove useful, but we don't.



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    Anybody Have Brian MacQuarrie's address?

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    I know, I know. He's responsible for the Globe's editorial content, not this weekly carpet bombing of my street.

    But calling the nice people in the Phillipines, where they've outsourced this to, doesn't seem to work. And MacQuarrie's printing press and distro outfit are likely the one's responsoble for this. Let's dump them all on his front porch.

    No, leave Brian alone

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    OK, I admit it, I have a soft spot in my heart for him because he gave me my start in daily journalism back in the day when he was the Waltham bureau chief for the Middlesex News and hired me as a stringer.

    Besides, here's a better idea: We hold a drive to collect all these bags, then bring them down to Rowes Wharf and toss them onto Henry's yacht.

    And then you can all help me with the bail.

    I'm in

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    We have a growing bag pile and are ready to assist.

    Morrissey Blvd.

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    I think legally it would better to throw them onto the Globe property directly instead of on the private property of the owner, but it's a good idea.

    What's the difference?

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    If the Globe can legally throw stuff onto any private property they feel like, why don't we have the same legal right?

    MacQuarrie and Globe Direct

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    He's kind of the public face of the newspaper, isn't he? I mean, he's on Eagan and Braude's show weekly, explaining to us how the Globe remains important and relevant in our lives... His paper has taken a strong editorial stance opposing Global Warming and Outsourcing. While they drop unwanted plastic-wrapped newsprint on us, and direct our stoppage pleas to an overseas call center.

    And it's the company that he represents that prints and distributes this crap weekly. Other than JH, who else there would you like to dump a truckload of this weekly plastic-sheathed fishwrap on?

    McGrory, right?

    There is a Brian MacQuarrie who writes for the Globe, but as anon below pointed out, I don't think that's who you mean.

    Time for a videoclip

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    The other angle

    I look at as a subscriber. The contents of the ad bundle are already in the Thursday Globe, so it's all waste.

    One step forward, two steps back.

    I was feeling pretty proud of myself a while back for talking directly to the delivery man about not leaving the pink trash on my doorstep. No Globe Direct for several weeks - problem solved, I thought. But now it's started up again. And, to punish me for daring to defy them, now I'm getting TWO pink bags every Friday.

    I would assume

    They pay a driver to go and throw these bags of shit on every doorstep with instructions to leave more if it looks like it's a multi-unit place. The driver likely gets a list of "do not deliver" addresses but they are being poorly paid and come and go frequently so it's easy to ignore the list and keep throwing the bags at every door until they run out.

    I think the best approach is legal -- make it a crime to throw unsolicited materials on private property with the responsibility party not the delivery person but the group who paid for the delivery.

    You could

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    Just put your web site in it.

    It could be worse

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    Here, in Somerville ,we stopped getting globe direct delivered by the post office, the account was pulled according to our mail carrier. Then we stopped getting the red bags with months old advertisements in them. Now we get full, still bundled stacks of the damn things. I assume the new delivery people don't actually want to drive around and leave them at their intended destinations. For a set of buildings totaling 21 units we had 2 full recycling boxes of the ads.

    I don't get the Globe Direct

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    I don't get the Globe Direct because I'm a 7 day subscriber. Maybe that is their intent to get more subscribers, by brow beating you into it?

    Me too

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    Got one today. It is now 12 business days from when they told me it would take 10 business days to elevate my complaint to the Globe Direct management level since customer support has already verified that they have removed my address from their delivery list.

    I'd say I'm disappointed, but I would have had to have any expectation they give a shit to be able to be disappointed in them.

    We shall see what happens next....

    Globe Direct

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    I called the Globe Direct this morning and they said that a building manager (if you live in an apartment or condo building) can call to get them from being delivered for the whole building.