Going nuts over the Zakim

A town in Washington has built a replica of the Zakim Bridge - for squirrels. It now also serves as something of a memorial to the man who thought it up - who died before the 12-foot-long replica could be installed:

Dick, a retired Longview attorney who had a lifelong fascination with bridges, was familiar with the Zakim Memorial Bridge because it appeared in background shots of "Boston Legal," one of his favorite TV shows, according to his wife, Diane Dick.

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    A what?

    Okay, I'll bite: what the hell is a squirrel bridge?

    Are we seriously saying that it's a bridge, like, for squirrels? As in, this a thing that people like to make? Bridges for squirrels to use in crossing over streets? Really?

    Dude. That makes my head hurt.

    Yes, a bridge for squirrels

    Nutty Narrows - Squirrel Bridge.

    The bridge has been a Longview landmark for over 40 years. It underwent a major restoration in 1983; the re-dedication was attended by 300 schoolchildren, costumed Disney characters, and town officials.

    Peters [the guy tired of watching squirrels get squashed] died in 1984, but he hasn't been forgotten. A huge wooden gray squirrel stands in the library park, facing towards Nutty Narrows, acorn in paw. It is dedicated to Amos Peters and his creative spirit.