Good Samaritan was stabbed helping woman under attack at Ruggles

Wanted for Ruggles attack

The news of late has been full of nice stories about good Samaritans coming to the aid of people being mugged or attacked, but active intervention is not without risk: Transit Police report the man stabbed at the Ruggles T stop Wednesday afternoon was shanked while trying to help a woman being assaulted by two men.

Transit Police have released surveillance photos of the two men they say were busy attacking a woman in the upper busway around 5:30 p.m. when the other man tried to intercede.

Police describe one of the attackers as having a dark complexion, medium build, wearing large eyeglasses with dark rims. The other, they say, is light skinned.

The account helps clear up some initial confusion as to whether the stabbing victim was a woman or man. Police initially said a woman was the victim, but that she was being uncooperative with responding officers.



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Great Idea

I'll kick in $100 to start, IF the anonymous "Boston Strong" will step into the non-anonymous light and match it.

If it turns out, for whatever reason, the guy doesn't need our help? I'm more than happy to have a general fund for helping good Samaritans whose efforts end in their being seriously injured. I have no experience - or legal knowledge - of how it works, though. We'll need someone else to run it.



Too bad

A "robber shot in the head after attempting to stab good samaritan" headline would have been a great deterrent to all the would-be robbers.


I know who did this!!!

The culprit MUST have been an Evangelical Christian TEA Party member from Texas with an NRA decal on his F-150 Ford Pickup truck, gun rack in the back window and a Jesus Fish sticker that watches FOX News and goes to Church on Christmas..


Life experience tells me

as a man, it's good advice to be extremely cautious when intervening in a fight or even assault involving another man and woman if they know each other. It is not unusual for the "victim" to actually turn on her good samaritan. In this case she's just not cooperating with cops, but I know more than a few cases where the female "victim" actually physically assaulted the male samaritan. Be very, very careful,gentlemen.