A great place for an Italian brunch - and you don't have to go into the North End

Tammy sings the praises of the weekend brunch at Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale, especially when it's nice enough for the courtyard patio.

And note how she couldn't sneak the place into some scenester magazine's review of al-fresco brunch spots because the editor and "creative director" insisted Roslindale isn't "Boston."




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Keep hidden jewels hidden!

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I am glad Sophia's doesn't get bigger press. It's my favorite restaurant in the square, and the last thing I need is a line to get in.

You can't get more of a hidden gem than a place where you have to walk down an alley to get to the front door. There's a good mix of old and new Roslindale there. The last thing we need is outsiders coming in.

Of course, you all at UHub are cool, so stop by some day.

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I don't think we want the readers of "scene"

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in our neighborhood. it would be all sweaty investment bankers and their spray-tanned SOs who are half their age but with twice the attitude. they can continue going to the overpriced bars on Boylston where they belong.

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