Green Line shut at North Station due to unattended bag under a trolley seat

If you're suddenly realizing you left your laptop and your backpack under a seat on the Green Line last night or this morning, well, every other Lechmere rider now hates you.

Red Line riders are having issues as well, due to an unconscious person having to be taken off a train at Park Street.



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Bermuda Triangle

For some reason, every time I've had a person pass out on my inbound green line, it's always between Boylston and Park Street. There some sort of Bermuda Triangle stuff going on there.

Thanks for the info Adam

Riders were left at Government Center for 20 minutes before announcements were made that "no trains were going towards Lechmere, but if you want to go to North Station go back and take the Orange Line." Unbelievable. Had they made an suspension of service announcement earlier I could have grabbed a cab earlier (with another T rider) and maybe gotten to work on time. So frustrating but at least now I know what happened!